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The New Librarian

The legal profession has begun to settle in to the “new normal,” a sea change in our firms which in turn is driving evolution and adaptation in many areas. The inspiration for the title of this publication arises from the enormous changes that are occurring in our law libraries and the wonderful opportunities that are emerging for the many professionals who come from traditional library careers. The “new professional” might be a more apt term, as we’re seeing highly developed skill sets and experiences across many areas of professional services reinvent and repurpose that expertise as knowledge workers who provide deep value to their organizations.

Technology is certainly a key component of the “new normal,” and you’ll read a lot about the impact of SharePoint, iPads and enterprise search tools in this publication.

It has been a great privilege to work alongside AALL in the production of this white paper, our first publication that is shared between our two associations! Many thanks to Kate Hagan, Executive Director of AALL, her editorial staff and the numerous contributors from our collective communities who have made this collaborative effort a success.