myMentor Advisory Committee

myMentor Advisory Committee

About the Committee

The myMentor Advisory Committee is responsible for developing and facilitating the ILTA myMentor program. The program will bring together members, business partners, and participants for one on one mentoring activities focused on professional growth, communication skills, diversity, emotional leadership, reflective analysis, and empowerment.

Committee Members

Jon Beaumont

Senior Manager of Knowledge Management

Shearman & Sterling, LLP

Riccardo LaMarra

IT (Projects) Portfolio Manager

Howard Kennedy

Kathleen Hogan

Senior Director, Knowledge and Data Insights

McCarthy Tetrault LLP

Glenn Hoxie

Senior Project Manager, Practice Management

Paul Hastings LLP

Marni Beach

User Experience Training Manager

Meyers Nave

Amy Wegener

Executive Coach and Consultant

Industry Member


Christine Becker

Membership Coordinator


Joy Heath Rush