Get Law Firm 101

What is Law Firm 101?
ILTA’s Law Firm 101 is an elearning product that provides guidance and support to those who are new to employment at law firms. The Law Firm 101: Fundamentals course is now available for purchase and is provided in two enterprise-level licensing options, Standard and Professional. The Fundamentals course is targeted to new administrative personnel. 

Law Firm 101: Fundamentals is the perfect first step in onboarding new administrative staff at your firm. The product provides seven substantive modules covering: The Legal Landscape, Administrative Departments, Lawyers, Organization and Governance, Roles and Responsibilities, The Business of Law, and The Practice of Law. This self-paced, interactive course provides opportunities to explore how each administrative role in a firm contributes to its success. Even your tenured employees will benefit from walking through the course material.

You know that without prior experience in the legal profession, one can be easily overwhelmed by the unique environment. You can contribute to your staff’s successful careers by providing them knowledge of the business model and the culture early in their employment. Watch a preview below:


“The content of this program is
WONDERFUL! Exactly at the
right level, very well-organized,
and full of tidbits that will ensure
the success of those who are new
to legal culture. I strongly
recommend this for anyone newly
employed by or working
with law firms!"

-Ruth Halpern, FlexManage


“The business, the practice,
the roles and responsibilities — ­
everything is covered!”


How much does it cost?
The Law Firm 101 products work via your organization’s intranet and/or can be integrated with your organization’s learning management system (LMS). The standard license provides you unlimited access to our “off-the-shelf” product, which is appropriate for all new administration hires and serves as a great refresher course for all staff. The professional license allows you to customize the Captivate files to your liking, incorporating your branding, perhaps some firm-specific content and other elements that are important for your audience.


Your organization is granted indefinite, enterprise-wide usage for your employees. Updates to the product can be provided by ILTA as the need arises. You will review and acknowledge the licensing agreement prior to purchasing.


Your organization can modify the Captivate files, providing (as an example) your branding, “skin,” internal policy information, etc. You can distribute and use the product indefinitely (both in its original form and as modified) within your entity and with your employees and contractors who are making modifications to the program on your behalf. You will review and acknowledge the licensing agreement prior to purchasing.