Professional Certifications

Why do you need a professional certification?

Professional certifications can help individuals advance faster in their careers, especially in highly specialized industries such as human resources, accounting, or information technology. While not all certifications are created equal, they do provide assurance of professional competence in tandem with a professional degree or work experience.

ILTA can issue a Certificate of Attendance for any in-person session if your badge was scanned, or you signed in on a sign-up sheet. For virtual sessions, you must remain on for the entire webinar to receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Continuing Legal Education (CLE), also known as mandatory or Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) or, in some jurisdictions outside the United States, as continuing professional development, consists of professional education for attorneys that takes place after their initial admission to the bar.

PDUs stand for Professional Development Units. PDUs are the measuring unit used to quantify your professional development as part of the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. 1 PDU = 1 hour of learning/activity.

It is your responsibility to check with your Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) governing body to see what documentation is needed to self-report.

ILTA recommends you maintain a personal folder for all PDU-related documentation and keep this documentation for at least 18 months after your Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) cycle has ended. If you are randomly selected for an audit, you will need to provide this documentation.

PMI stands for Project Management Institute, the world’s leading project management organization with almost 700,000 Global Members and over 300 local chapters internationally.

ILTA members receive a 20% discount on PMI Trainings. The discount code for ILTA members is COA28. You would apply this code upon checkout when ordering any of the courses.

You can create a free PMI online account at: https://www.pmi.org/membership/join. If you are interested in more PMI benefits, there is also annual membership.

The PMI Talent Triangle outlines three key areas that will help you succeed:

  • Ways of Working (previously Technical Project Management): Whether it’s predictive, agile, design thinking, or new practices still to be developed, it's clear that there is more than one way that work gets done today. That’s why we encourage professionals to master as many ways of working as they can - so they can apply the right technique at the right time, delivering winning results.
  • Power Skills (previously Leadership): These interpersonal skills include collaborative leadership, communication, an innovative mindset, for-purpose orientation, and empathy. Ensuring teams have these skills allows them to maintain influence with a variety of stakeholders - a critical component for making change.
  • Business Acumen (previously Strategic and Business Management): Professionals with business acumen understand the macro and micro influences in their organization and industry and have the function- or domain-specific knowledge - to make good decisions. Professionals at all levels need to be able to cultivate effective decision-making and understand how their projects align with the big picture of broader organizational strategy and global trends.

Did you know?

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