Talent Council

Talent Council

About the Council

The Talent Council is a standing committee tasked with the ongoing development of leaders within the organization through programming, coaching and mentoring efforts aimed at helping individuals develop the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to serve as an effective leader and, if applicable, Board member. During the biennial election process, the Talent Council solicits nominations, vets all potential candidates, and prepares for the membership a ballot of two to three candidates for President and additional candidates for the remaining Board positions. Once the election is complete, the Talent Council assigns electees to Board positions other than President, i.e., Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director at Large (three).


Tony Capecci

Applications Manager

Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Committee Members

Jonathan Burley

IT Manager

Kell, Alterman & Runstein, LLP

Judi Flournoy

Chief Information Officer

Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Barbara Gondim da Rocha

Head of Knowledge Management and Innovation

RMS Advogados - Rocha Marinho E Sales

Rick Krzyminski

Manager, Client and Practice Solution Development

Paul Hastings LLP

Andrew Powell

Chief Information Officer

Macfarlanes LLP

Board Liaison

Kara Portwood

Director of Innovation

Armstrong Teasdale LLP