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Brief Roundtable Discussion Takeaway - Making Changes and How to Manage Them

By Ben Hubble posted 04-04-2019 18:24


Brief Recap of ILTA Roundtable:  Making Changes and How to Manage Them (4/4/2019)

  • -Some of the significant changes discussed included rolling out email retention, moving to Windows 10/Office Pro Plus/Office 365, and switching jobs.
  • -Anytime there is change it has an impact. Further, change can be very hard for people.  Change management is important to lessen the impact of change.
  • -Discussed change management experiences of all kinds – experiences with no change management where those involved hung on for the ride, ones with a lackluster change management plan that led to failure, and robust change management plans that were well thought out and led to success.
  • -It was agreed that communication is the key to change management.
  • -Use multiple channels, have a communication plan, and be prepared to do lots of hand-holding to walk users through change.
  • -Change management trickles down to all departments.
  • -May need to involve HR/Communications for the communication strategy. 
  • -IT might need to be involved for technical changes and/or to handle issues that arise after change.
  • -The lessons learned were that change is hard and, thus, change management is vital and the key to successful change management is communication.