Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Bias, and Explainability - and Regulatory Responses - Key Summary/Takeaway

By Brian Balistreri posted 09-07-2023 17:56


Please enjoy this quick summary of ILTACON session "Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Bias, and Explainability - and Regulatory Responses," written by Jason Schultz, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword that has found its way into virtually every conversation and software system available in the market. How do we know we can trust AI, when we have already seen well-publicized examples of bias and errors? To what extent do providers and users of AI systems need to understand exactly how AI systems arrive at their results? Lawyers and judges must show their work - does AI?

Recognizing that AI ethics is not a monolithic concept, but rather rich mosaic of diverse views and opinions, we have assembled a panel of experts to discuss this topic. This session will explore the importance of testing and evaluating AI systems for bias and accuracy, the emerging standards, and regulations about the concept of explainability that will govern the use of AI in legal, and why it matters for the future of the profession.

Attendees should walk away with a better understanding why it is important to test and evaluate AI systems for bias and accuracy, what buyers should mandate from their vendors & partners on this journey, recommendations for key steps technology teams should be taking to pursue AI utilization responsibly, and what attendees should be paying attention to when it comes to regulatory trends and new standards.