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Serve & Secure: ILTA Distinguished Peer Awards Top 10 reasons to nominate your peers and/or yourself

By Carlos Rodriguez posted 03-19-2012 11:47


This is the third year of ILTA's Distinguished Peer Awards and I wanted to highlight why you should consider to be recognize by your industry peers and nominate someone or even yourself. While our Peer Group is looking for nominnees for the Servers Operations & Security (SOSPG) Champion, there are other areas where you can be recognized individually or as a team so I encourage you to look at those as well.

The SOSPG Champion provides value to their organization in managing or administering any or all of the following:  

Data centers, LAN and WAN equipment, NAS/SAN, Ethernet switching, Firewalls, Malware detection and prevention, Encryption, Email security, Virtualization, and Thin-client technologies

Top 10 reasons to nominate your peers and/or yourself:

  1. This is a totally pain-free process. All you have to do is fill out the form below. After the pre-screening is completed and if you make the short list, we will contact you and ask you to provide more details and schedule a short call to learn more about your accomplishments. You will also be invited to an exclusive reception prior to the awards reception the night of August 31st.
  2. The first year I was nominated by my Nexsen Pruet's IT Peers. What better way to know that I am making meaningful contributions to the department ant the Firm? It is an inmense honor to know that the people that I work and interact with everyday think of me so highly.
  3. The second year I was nominated by a peer outside my Firm, I guess this takes it to the next level; not only my firm recognizes my efforts but a peer who today is a fellow officer throws my name in the hat for an award. A very humbling experience.
  4. There were two of us from Nexsen Pruet in the shortlist last year and we proudly put the name of the firm out there and pretty much told the world that Nexsen Pruet is a Legal Technology Industry Leader.
  5. It was a great honor and humbling experience to be at the same level of my fellow nominnees, especially after I learned about their accomplishments.
  6. This experience revealed to me that I am doing the rigth things to continue to develop my career and grow, and that my firm feels the same way.
  7. The bar is also higher for me now and to keep at this level I have to continue to look at different ways to grow as a professional.
  8. This recognition encouraged me to become a better ambassador of both my Firm and ILTA.
  9. As Bill Caraher Emerging Technology Champion puts it, you and your firm are “recognized by the thought leaders in legal technology”
  10. The impact of this recognition reaches your clients as well, as expressed by Kim Craig Professional Services Champion when she says “This award is a true reflection of our team’s efforts and contributions to assist our attorneys to deliver the level of high-quality, efficient legal service that our clients expect,”

I hope you look around your firm and your "ILTA Circle" and try to find someone that has made significant contributions to your firm and our industry. Furthermore, please feel free to contact me or any volunteer leader if you think that you should be recognized and we will gladly help you with that. The deadline to receive nominations is March 31st, so go ahead and send it over now!

Here is the link to the awards and nominations pages.

2012 ILTA'S Distinguished Peer Awards


Best regards and good luck as we recognize your accomplishments.

Carlos Rodriguez, Servers Ops & Security PGVP.

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