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Tools Used by Firms Internally and Platforms for Processing Review and Production

By Charles Neal posted 04-11-2022 10:36

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Chuck Neal, Senior Project Manager, IST Management Services, Inc.

A poll was conducted on the ILTA LinkedIn page at the end of March 2022 where respondents were asked to choose the top processing tool/platform used by you or your vendor.  Based on the results, the majority of respondents use Relativity, with Cloudnine/LAW, Ringtail and Nuix Discover being mentioned.  This is a large uptick in Relativity use compared to the 2021 ILTA Litigation and Practice Support Survey.

  • Majority of respondents (58%) use Relativity
  • 10% use Cloudnine/LAW
  • Other platforms mentioned in the comments were Ringtail and Nuix Discover

Respondents then had the option of answering additional questions.  The number of respondents was small, but we feel it is important that their answers be included.

  • How many attorneys are at your firm?
    • Under 100 (60%)
    • 201-300 (20%)
    • 401-500 (20%)

  • How much of the eDiscovery processing is outsourced vs done in house?
    • <10% (60%)
    • 10-25% (20%)
    • 76-100% (20%)

  • Are your processing platforms hosted internally (on-prem) or in the cloud (Saa)?
    • Internal (on-prem) (40%)
    • Cloud (SaaS) (40%)
    • Hybrid (20%)

  • Are your processing platforms managed by your team or a 3rd party?
    • Internal team (80%)
    • 3rd party (20%)

  • Do you anticipate changing platforms in the next year?
    • Yes (40%)
    • No (40%)
    • Don’t Know (20%)

  • Do you anticipate changing platforms in the next three years?
    • Yes (40%)
    • No (40%)
    • Don’t Know (20%)

Processing platforms across the board have areas of improvement.  Respondents reported that they wished their platforms would not charge based on hosting size, provide faster processing speed, allow the manual linking of related documents, process data more efficiently, and allow for visualization.

Respondents also reported some pain points for their teams:

  • Cost
  • Constantly changing license models and cost
  • Upgrades and maintenance

Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll.