Blockchain Roundup - A guide to ILTA & Non-ILTA Blockchain content

By Deborah Dobson posted 05-15-2017 15:05


Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt every institution in some way. Blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Initial blockchain development is occurring within the financial services, healthcare, music industry and logistics sector to name only a few. In the diamond industry, gems are being traced from mines to consumers. There is a good likelihood you’ll see the impact in the legal space in the not so distance future.

Fortunately there are many resources available through ILTA and other outside sources to help you learn about this fascinating technology.

Blockchain Related Content from ILTA:

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  2. Building the Exponential Law Firm., ILTACON 2016
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  9. Blockchains and the Legal Vertical:
  10. Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake:

Content outside ILTA

  1. Blockchain 101 for Lawyers Part 1:
  2. Blockchain 101 for Lawyers Part 2
  3. Understanding How Blockchain Could Impact the Legal Industry : (login required)
  4. Law Firm Hogan Lovells Learns to Grapple with Blockchain Contracts: (login required)
  5. Two Topics in Law and Blockchain:
  6. Blockchain & Law in 2017:
  7. How Might Blockchain Technology Revolutionize the Legal Industry?
  8. MIT Blockchain Projects and Collaborations
  9. Blockchain on AWS: or
  10. Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes:
  11. Ransomware & Bitcoins
  12. Introducing Darkleaks -
  13. The Truth About Blockchain
  14. The Blockchain and Us (Documentary, 2017)
  15. Next Generation Blockchain Applications Go Well Beyond Bitcoin

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