Day in the Life of a Litigation Support Person Part 2

By Deborah LePage posted 10-11-2018 12:49


My name is Deborah LePage and I am the Litigation Technologist at Lindsay Hart, LLP.  There are 55 people here with 22 of them being attorneys.  Lindsay Hart is a broad-based general litigation firm that handles employment practices, insurance coverage, personal injury, products liability, professional liability and a variety of other areas of law.





Arrive at work to find my computer does not have a network connection.  We are in phase three of four of a low voltage cabling project throughout the entire suite.  Called cabling company and they are sending out a technician.


The receptionist is out today and the person covering the first shift is unable to remote into their computer.  Set her up to work on the receptionist’s local computer.  Troubleshoot remote connection.


Check out a firm laptop to an attorney for the day.


Log into new firm laptop to check emails, still waiting for technical for my network issue.


Set up new firm laptop with firm protocols.


Technician arrives to troubleshoot network issue.  Issue resolved.


Arbitration prep meeting.


One of the copy tracking stations went offline.  Called technician to troubleshoot.


Unlock attorney’s account in active directory and reset network password on their phone.


Set up an attorney on a firm laptop to view emails during a meeting.


Send information for checking email via web access to an attorney who is out of the office.


Verify conference room for arbitration and book extra breakout room.


User complaint of discolour on their monitor. Checked and tightened VGA cable.  Issue resolved.


Placed a ticket with our outside IT support to give support staff full access to all firm conference room calendars.


I am the point person for the second phase of the accounting department remodel.  Give contractors direction and answer questions.


Distribute faxes that are printing out instead of being digitally delivered on the network.  Troubleshoot incoming faxes.




Assist paralegal with downloading medical literature.


Create an online research account for a paralegal.


Review plaintiff home videos of injury to create video clips for a trial memo.


Cover reception desk from 1 to 3: answer phones, update in/out sheet, assign distribution checks, log deliveries, and validate parking.


Continue reviewing plaintiff videos.


Continue reception coverage.


Continue reviewing plaintiff videos.


Make and combine clips from selected videos.


Review video clips with attorney and make additional clips.


Duplicate radiology CDs and labels for a paralegal.


Troubleshoot a spreadsheet for a secretary.


Create a file sharing link for attorney to send newly created video to adjuster.


Advise a secretary on what file type to order a video deposition in.


Obtain and load a presentation on a firm laptop for an all attorney meeting in the morning.


Create and print handouts for meeting in the morning.


Setup laptop and projector in conference room for meeting in the morning.


Install dictation software and configure dictation hardware for an attorney.


Draft survey for the firm company picnic.


Meet with cabling contractors and discuss issues that came up today and tonight’s phase four.


Distribute incoming faxes that are still printing out.


Setup file sharing account on a firm laptop.


Go through unread emails from today.


Review deposition videos to find verbiage regarding autopsies, no paper copy is available.


Continue reviewing deposition videos.


Configure new attorneys personal laptop for remote access.


Go home.


  1. What’s your fav part of your job?
    I like the variety my job allows me.  I could be unjamming a printer one minute and the next I could be in the courtroom running our trial presentations.
  2. What’s most challenging?
    The most challenging part of my job is when there are IT issues that are out of my hands or that I cannot resolve.
  3. How many hats do you wear and what does that entail?
    I wear many hats at my firm.  I do part facilities, litigation support, tech support, trial technology, and website maintenance.

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