Tip of the Week - Great Tip For iManage Folks!

By ILTA Tips posted 11-14-2017 15:51


Have you ever been frustrated trying to find a document because someone said “Oh I just worked on it” but they didn’t give you a link or a number? Then you can’t find it because it turns out it was created by someone who isn’t here anymore or is authored to a different person than you thought it was?! Well, have I got a trick for you!

Yes, you can search the DMS based on what you know -who touched it last. Use the Full Text search area.

Type:  LASTUSER:USERNAME where USERNAME is of course, the username of the person who may have edited the document. This is the name we login to the computers with, NOT your email name.

**Remember your USERNAME are your INITIALS.**

Happy searching!


Many thanks to Amy Bennett at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schrek, and Monica Sandler at Graves Dougherty for sharing this invaluable tip!