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By ILTA Tips posted 01-27-2020 08:00

PowerPoint Tips
(Merge multiple presentations into One; Keyboard shortcuts when Presenting)


Merge Multiple Presentations into One

There are times when you might want to combine multiple presentations into a single presentation, such as when you want to add slides from an existing presentation to a presentation that you are creating.

The best way to copy slides from one presentation to another is to insert them using the Slide Finder dialog box (Insert menu, Slides from File command). In this dialog box, you can select the slides you want without having to open the presentation.


  1. In the Slide Finder dialog box, browse to the presentation with the slides you want to use.
  2. If you only want some of the slides, select those slides.
  3. To retain slide formatting, make sure that the Keep source formatting check box is selected.
  4. Click Insert for selected slides, or Insert All to insert all the slides from this show.


Use these keys to move forward or backward in a slide show.

To move forward  N or spacebar or enter  or Page down, or down arrow key, or right arrow key;

To move backward: P,  or backspace, or Page Up, or Up Arrow Key or Left arrow key

Remember too, you can press B to blacken the screen, or W to have a “white” screen.

Next time you're looking for the mouse pointer, hit the A key.

To make the Mouse pointer disappear, press the A key again