COVID-19: The Legal Community Comes Together and Forges Ahead, Sharing Best Practices Around Ongoing Large-scale Events

By ILTA Press posted 03-04-2020 13:53


As the busy season of global, large-scale events begins, the leadership teams of Netlaw Media, legal IT event organisers ILTA, Roar B2B (LegalEx) and Alternative Events are collaborating to ensure their members, sponsors, and the legal community at large are supported throughout this period of global focus on COVID-19. 

They are sharing information, discussing education, and finding ways to best deliver tenable, actionable plans. Their joint goal is to ensure safety, provide insight, and support the legal community as we navigate the current situation. 

They take a common view on the risks, which remains low, and aware that many delegates attending upcoming events will be concerned by the continued spread of the virus. All of those attending can be reassured that the group is taking this very seriously and adopting the continued advice from The Home Office, The World Health Organisation and other worldwide bodies.

If circumstances require a need for communicating further action, the group's members will inform attendees immediately. Because safety is important to the group, it wanted all to be aware that the situation is being monitored, and that appropriate contingency plans have been made.

At this stage we all see no reason to cancel/defer any of our large-scale events, although the group will continue to take a risk-based approach to ensure appropriate precautions are actioned. As it stands, all members look forward to welcoming attendees to highly popular events over the coming weeks and months.

Frances Armstrong, Managing Director of Netlaw Media, UK & EMEA, commented: “Collectively coming together across the legal community is quite unique, as is this situation we find ourselves in. Knowledge is power and by coming together this is creating a really powerful message across the legal community when it comes to collaborating ideas, sharing best practices, communicating and most importantly reassuring our delegates that their safety and wellbeing is our number one priority. 

“We are confident that once our delegates arrive at their chosen event across the globe, they will be met with the reassurance that measures are in place to keep themselves safe and others around them.”

Joy Heath Rush, CEO International Legal Technology Association (ILTA):  “We believe it is important for all of us running events and providing education to the legal community to coordinate our efforts, keep people informed and deliver the programming they need to navigate the environment.”

Haroon Malik, Event Director of Roar B2B (LegalEx): “The safety and well-being of delegates across all of our collective events is paramount. By working together across the legal community we can ensure that everyone benefits from best practises and we collectively provide as much clarity as possible for our delegates at a time when the COVID-19 situation is ever changing.” 

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