Fresh Voices of Legal Tech: Nada Elfaki, Business Development Manager – EMEA, DocsCorp

By ILTA Press posted 05-05-2020 14:58


Welcome to ILTA’s new blog and podcast series to showcase the new voices of legal technology. This series highlights those who have one or less years of experience within the community in hopes to showcase and educate the future of the legal landscape.

Here is the abridged conversation between Mercedes Brown, ILTA UK Membership Engagement Manager, and Nada Elfaki, who has a little more than 13 months of experience in the legal tech community with her position at DocsCorp, a trusted ILTA Business Partner.

Want to hear the entire conversation? Tune into the complementary ILTA Radio podcast (less than 20 minutes) to learn more about her career path, who she thinks is best suited for legal tech, being a millennial in the landscape, her lesser known quirks, and more.

If legal tech was a person what would they be like?

They would be a high energy, very intelligent person, ahead of the bell curve when it comes to adopting new technology - be that the Alexa or latest iPhone. Also, someone who really enjoys a drink!

Explain your job to a six-year-old...

I get to meet really smart people who want to make the lives of those who work with them better. I walk them through some really cool technology that allows them to be faster, smarter, and make more money.

How did you learn about DocsCorp and the legal tech industry?

I worked in technology previously, dealing with large corporates and their L&D departments. Then, I spent some time in e-commerce. I knew I loved technology but hadn’t found my exact niche. A few of my friends are lawyers and they told me about how legal technology is incredibly fast-paced and innovative, so I started looking into this more. What sealed the deal for me was meeting Samantha Jefferies, my current boss who is incredibly driven, energetic, and is great to learn from. I knew for sure that I wanted this job as soon as I met her.

What were you expecting your job would be like and what turned out different?

I knew it would be a steep learning curve. Tech is forever innovating and law firms, are in my experience, ahead of the curve on this. There’s an aspect of evolving continuously. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I thoroughly enjoy every day. I work with some amazing people, some of whom have had 20+ years in this industry and are real connoisseurs, so everything from the level of exposure to the fact that everyone is really pleasant and fun – this makes it a real joy to work for DocsCorp.

What’s one “cool” thing about your job?

I get the opportunity to travel extensively and that is very cool. But invariably the thing that matters the most, is that I am meeting fascinating people, whose minds are geared towards problem solving. Having this daily exposure pushes me both professionally but also personally to develop my skills, read more and overall expand my horizons.