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By Joanne Kiley posted 05-15-2015 17:19

In the first official installment of "But Wait ... There's More" I'm sharing some curated resources on the topics of security, the Legal Tech Audit and Windows 10 implementation to assist your own information-gathering. It’s not surprising that many of the best resources sit within ILTA’s treasure chest. If there are specific topics you would like assistance exploring, please contact me at joanne@iltanet.org.

ILTA members are often asked to find reliable remote access solutions despite the many variables any one scenario might impose. The cloud, albeit a secure cloud, is increasingly the solution. The New York City Bar addressed in 2013 how small firms can provide successful remote solutions. Though some of the technology aspect may be quite obvious, the discussion of the regulations around privacy and security serve as a guide.
“The Cloud and the Small Law Firm: Business, Ethics and Privilege Considerations.”

As more people in our firms bring in their wearable devices, this recent Wall Street Journal post on the legal aspects of the Internet of Things might prove helpful.
“Internet of Things: The Legal Issues CIOs Should Consider”

Did you catch Episode 3 of our own members’ podcast, “Security Talk with Jon and Greg” on encryption? They discuss best practices and using tools that guarantee encryption. Jon and Greg recommend solutions such as Box and warn especially about USB devices.
“Security Talk – Protect Your Data with Encryption!”

To tie in the security and information governance issues with the cloud, we have a webinar from April, “Is Cloud-based GRC Feasible?”

And hot off the press with input from several ILTA members, read this article on cloud solutions and ease-of-use considerations.
“Getting Comfortable in the Cloud.”

The Legal Tech Audit developed by Casey Flaherty remains a hot topic. Mr. Flaherty developed the audit while he was in-house at Kia Motors. He has since started a company to develop and administer the Legal Tech Audit.

ILTA has produced a lot of content on the subject of technology training for lawyers from Peer to Peer articles such as “The End of Ignorance: Lawyers Using Technology to Serve Clients and Stay Profitable” and “Course Correction: Teaching Tomorrow’s Lawyers Legal Technology Skills”.

Here’s an ILTA podcast about the future of training,
“Out of Oblivion: The Future of Training and Support”.

 “What do ABA Model Rule Changes and the Flaherty/Suffolk Audit Mean for Attorney Training?” from ILTACON 2014 can also provide guidance as to how your fellow members are addressing the Legal Tech Audit.

For more information on the Legal Tech Audit follow these articles discussing the background and development.

“The Legal Tech Audit Proves Lawyers Are Terrible at Technology”  from Lawyerist.com.
“Could You Pass This In-House Counsel’s Tech Test? If the Answer Is No, You May be Losing Business” from the ABA Journal.
“Lawyers, Could You Pass This Test?” from The Washington Post.

Trainers might want to review the Appendix on page 14 of the CLE presentation, “Dunning-Kruger: Evaluating Your Technological Competence with the Legal Tech Audit” listing the types of tasks required to complete the Legal Tech Audit. 


We now know Windows 10 should be released sometime this summer and likely in July. It should (read must) be better than Windows 8. What does this mean for ILTA members and ILTA vendors? Will solutions running on Windows be ready to adapt? Will our hardware be able to run Windows 10? Here are a few articles to help you begin to think about how and when this new operating system will impact your work.

“Windows 10: What You Need to Run It.” from ZDNet.com.

“Here’s What Microsoft Will Add to and Delete from Its Windows 10 Edge Browser” from ZDNet.com.

“Windows 10 Editions: Everything You Need to Know” from ZDNet.com.

For more questions there are some upcoming ILTA Roadshows and webinars where what will happen with Windows 10 and how we can act will be discussed.

The ILTA webinar, “Windows 10 – Will It Be What Windows 7 Was to Vista?”, is on May 29.

Currently scheduled Roadshows on Windows 10 are in DC, San Francisco, and Boston. 

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