But Wait… There’s More LegalSEC Summit 2015 - Day 1 Recap

By Joanne Kiley posted 06-09-2015 15:24


The 2015 LegalSEC Summit started at a fast pace with tweets about great content, well-attended sessions and lots to learn. Because not everyone can attend and even those attending cannot be everywhere at once, I am highlighting a few of the great moments from Day 1.

Before sessions wrapped up for the day, Monica Bay wrote an article about Steve Surdu’s keynote address on cyber-attacks and law firm vulnerability. To learn more about the keynote, read “Data Security Expert: Execution Trumps Planning”

This morning on Pinhawk Law Technology Daily Digest, Jeff Brandt shared his favorite session, “Keeping it Secure: Provide Internet in a Bubble,” by Judi Flournoy, Lisa Stone, Thomas Nohs and Thomas Moreo. If you don’t subscribe to the Pinhawk Law Technology Daily Digest, you can here.

Other highlights included the helpful “LegalSEC Toolshed” by Mike Lombardi and Jason Straight, “Putting Principles into Practice: Cross Jurisdictional Data Privacy Challenges” by Matthew Roskoski, Marriette Kruger and Brian Donato, “Security Architecture 101” by Douglas Brush, Scott Rolf, and Tim Golden, and “The Rosetta Stone: Engaging InfoSec and Legal Professionals” by Tim Flanigan, Sherri Vollick and Steven Puiszis.

 In the “LegalSEC Toolshed”, Straight and Lombardi recommended tools broken down by several categories. Keep this collection of tools handy.

“Cross Jurisdictional Data Privacy Challenges” attendees discovered the differences in privacy laws between the United States and the United Kingdom. A recent ILTA white paper article, “E-Discovery/E-Disclosure in the EU” also highlights these significant differences as applied to e-discovery.

“Security Architecture 101” reminded an ILTA member to “cover all your bases”. Tracy Elmbald reported that the session not only explained the SANS top 20 critical controls but also included great metrics and example take-aways for firms to determine what their peers track.

“The Rosetta Stone” session offered an intimate and in-depth discussion on ethics, regulations, client audits, and firms' responsibilities with a panel of a client (GC of Blackberry), a law firm Deputy General Counsel, and a law firm security manager. The level of engagement and knowledge in security concerns of the panel impressed attendees. The panel reminded us that the “ABA standards are the floor, not the ceiling for security efforts.” One attendee mentioned a lesson gleaned from the session, “if the security directive solely comes from IT, the percentage of adoption will be lower than if the firm’s GC were driving the directive.”

Despite tools, checklists and best practices, the overarching theme on Day 1 remained the importance of the human factor.  We need users at all levels to make secure and wise choices and update their passwords! We need decision makers to appreciate the importance of the investments in security.

ILTA will provide the audio recordings and slides of these and the other LegalSEC Summit 2015 sessions on the Connected Community soon. Learn more about the ILTA LegalSEC group on their Connected Community page. Please tweet your favorite ILTA LegalSEC Summit 2015 moments with #iltalss or share them with me, your content curator, at

Here’s to a great Day 2 at LegalSEC Summit 2015! Keep an eye out tomorrow for a recaps of the SharePoint Symposium as well.

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