But Wait... There's More SharePoint Symposium 2015 Day 1 Recap

By Joanne Kiley posted 06-10-2015 12:41


Dux Raymond Sy jump-started the SharePoint Symposium 2015 with a high energy talk with phrases such as “context is king” and “shift happens”. With shift or change as an inevitability, we must accept change, plan with change in mind and promote change to others with “sustainable adoption”. Sy also spoke of a successful approach for projects; start with a vision with long-term range, assess and prioritize, execute, and evaluate and repeat.

Because not everyone can attend and even those attending cannot be everywhere at once, I am highlighting a few of the great moments from Day 1. The keynote speaker, Dux Raymond Sy, provided the first great moment of the SharePoint Symposium 2015 when he pulled out a selfie stick and took a selfie that auto-loaded into his projected SharePoint page.

Other noteworthy sessions included “All You Need to Know to Take SharePoint to the Cloud” by Ted Theodoropoulus, Guy Wiggins, and Kara Portwood and the “Meet the Experts: Roundtable Forum” with Jonathan Wynn, Michael Suder, Staffan Hugemark, Dux Raymond Sy, Richard Harbridge, and Pete Bruinsma.

The session on taking SharePoint to the Cloud contained good tips on implementing OneDrive for Business, information on the cost of on premise or Cloud solutions, and recognition that a hybrid of on premise and cloud may best suit your organization. The presenters also encouraged attendees that, though challenging, Single Sign ON was worth the effort.

The “Meet the Experts” session allowed attendees to sit at a table with one expert for 15-20 minutes to ask questions and then rotate to another table. Depending on questions asked and tables visited each attendee came away with a unique learning experience. Questions ranged from the future of SharePoint, recommendations for using a DMS or not, and deep discussions on engagement and adoption.

ILTA will provide the audio recordings and slides of these and the other SharePoint Symposium 2015 sessions on the Connected Community soon. Please tweet your favorite SharePoint Symposium 2015 moments with #iltasps or share them with me, your content curator, at

Here’s to a great Day 2 at the SharePoint Symposium 2015!

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06-16-2015 15:45

Jennifer, I'm glad you enjoyed the Keynote by Dux. His Keynote recording has been uploaded. Thanks for reaching our about this. You can access it here:

06-16-2015 11:54

How can I go about listening to the recording of Dux keynote session. I LOVED it and would like to listen to it again.