But Wait… There’s More – ILTACON 2015 from Afar – Tuesday edition

By Joanne Kiley posted 09-02-2015 02:22


On Monday, Sir Ken Robinson asked us to consider how to prepare for a future in our world that we cannot predict. On Tuesday, Matt Homann discussed the value of rapid-fire thinking. We have been trained to avoid quick decisions but this does not always prove beneficial for fostering ideas with good outcomes. The messages seemed clear. We must foster agility and speed in our thinking to embolden our futures.

It is impossible to highlight every great session. Instead know that most sessions recordings will be available for download at no cost to ILTA members after conference. Scan through the session search on the ILTACON website to note sessions you want to listen to later. You can narrow your search by specific areas of focus.

Some of you are asking, “What are The Legal Bytes?” The Legal Bytes are the all-ILTA-member rock band with songs like, “iPad Girl” and “I’m in love with a user.” All I can say is they rocked!

Many attendees posted pictures of fairy wings and swashbucklers from the Exhibit Hall opening. Exhibitors deck out themselves and their booths according to a theme each year. This year I saw Shrek, the Alice in Wonderland cast, Inigo Montoya and more for the “Once Upon a Time” theme.

Even if you are not attending ILTACON this week you could be involved in planning next year's conference. Find more information here.  ILTA always seeks new volunteers, Get involved today!

Tuesday night brought the ILTA Distinguished Peer Awards and a special award granted to John Alber formerly of Bryan Cave for the inaugural ILTA Premiership Award. Congratulations to all Distinguished Peer Award nominees and recipients.