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But Wait... There's More - ILTACON 2015 Tuesday night edition

By Joanne Kiley posted 09-02-2015 02:26


Word on the Promenade:

The Zumba was great and there was so much more today.

After attending this morning’s collaborative workshop with Matt Homann, is storyboarding now part of your process? Homann discussed the value of rapid-fire thinking. We have been trained to avoid quick decisions but this does not always prove beneficial for fostering ideas with good outcomes.

As you head to the Exhibit Hall to meet with an exhibitor and play eBingo look for storyboards from several sessions at the Idea Wall near the Exhibit Hall entrance. After the conference, you can access photos of the storyboards on the ILTACON 2015 website.

If you attended “Threat Landscape for Legal” this morning, did a chill go down your spine? Or did the “Unstructured, Untagged and Untapped” session really get you nervous about all of the unidentified data floating around your organization?

If you did not get to attend a session using Eventpad, you can learn more about this tool on Wednesday in the hallways of the Promenade level where Eventpad will be stationed.

Congratulations to all of the Distinguished Peer Awards nominees and recipients.

Quick Reminders and Updates:

The legal security group, LS-ISAO is gaining attention with our members. A Legal Service Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (LS-ISAO) session was added to the schedule after the publication of the conference journal. Attend the session at 9 a.m. Wednesday in the Roman Ballroom IV. For a description and more information visit the agenda section of the ILTA 2015 Events App and look for Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis/Legal Services Update. 

I see some intriguing swag come out of the exhibit hall but the real buzz is about the conversations around new products and solutions offered by all the exhibitors. You can still play eBingo on Wednesday and Thursday morning. Prize winners will be notified by email and should pick up their prizes in the Exhibit Hall. There is a final grand prize drawing on Thursday morning in the Exhibit Hall at 10 a.m. Winners must be present to receive a prize.

On Monday, Jobst Elster and JoAnna Forshee of InsideLegal released their 2015 ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey.

Interviews by Monica Bay and Randi Mayes will appear on ILTACON TV on Wednesday and Thursday.

Tomorrow evening there are no ILTA planned events. If you do not already have plans, determine where to go and what to do with GeoVegas