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But Wait... There's ILTACON!

By Joanne Kiley posted 08-28-2016 17:50


Choosing from all the great sessions may be your biggest challenge while attending ILTACON. Thankfully several volunteers from the ILTACON Volunteer Committee and beyond provided excellent recommendations in the areas of focus. If you missed them earlier, they are listed below.

Some of you may say, “But I’m not going to ILTACON this year.” We’ll miss you, but don’t despair. Many of the sessions will be recorded and they will be available on the ILTACON website. Make your list of must-sees now.

ILTACON 2016: Preview of Legal Operations Sessions! by Joy Holley

Why Attorneys Should Attend ILTACON by Jason Dirkx

ILTACON 2016—Sessions of Interest to Knowledge Management Professionals by David Hobbie

2016 ILTACON – A La Lit Support by Julie Brown

Why Security Professionals Should Attend ILTACON 2016 by Jim McCue

Enabling Change Through Technology Support Services by Chris Hunt

The Marketing Technologist's Guide to ILTACON 2016 by Cynthia McCollough

Business and Legal Process Improvement at ILTACON 2016 by Chris Emerson

ILTACON 2016: The Essential Guide for Marketing, Business Development and Everyone Else! By Sheila Mennis

Why Librarians Should Attend ILTACON by Steve Lastres

Corporate Legal Day 2016 – Achieve Monumental Success by Jack Thompson

Advice for First-Time ILTACON Attendees - Be a Little Uncomfortable! by Maria Smith

ILTACON 2016: Rock Your World with Server Operations Sessions by Jim McCue

ILTACON 2016 - Get Excited for Applications! by Chris Hunt


Also consider playing with the Session Search to find just the right sessions for you. Try entering the word “collaboration” or “change” or “innovation.” Try narrowing by the Leadership/Professional Development Area of Focus or filtering by your favorite speaker.