Change Management - It Can Be Done!

By Joanne Kiley posted 01-26-2017 17:52


This past week members discussed change management and more. This week’s ILTACON TV highlight features Noah Waisberg of Kira Systems. Explore curated sources on these topics including some from ILTA’s treasure chest.

Change Management

Every January many of us try to make changes. We change our eating habits and our exercise routines all in the name of a leaner, stronger and healthier body. Similarly when we change processes and tools in the workplace, we do so for a leaner, stronger and healthier business. With the legal industry seeking ever greater efficiencies, we must not only accept change, we must lead the change. Mary Abraham offers helpful steps in her slides from an ILTACON session, “A Field Guide for Agents of Change.” For some recommended approaches, consider the INSIGHT session, “Legal Technology Innovation and the C-Level Perspective on Change.” Scroll down on the page for a link to the LexisNexis white paper, “Resistance to Change.” As you might expect, Harvard Business Review has several articles organized under the topic of change management. I especially enjoyed the recent “How I Led Change in the U.S. State Department Bureaucracy” where Tom Cochran recommends we “establish credibility – with humility,” “reduce risk and demonstrate its (change) value” and “enable people with technology.” Speaking of “enabling people with technology,” consider the ILTACON session recording, “Face Your Fears: Embracing Change in the Legal Environment” which addresses leveraging the power of AI and other burgeoning technologies. With January coming to a close, have you stuck with those changes you wanted to make? Don’t worry, there’s still time for a leaner and stronger you and your organization.

ILTACON TV Highlight – Noah Waisberg on AI

Recently John Alber asked us to consider “Reframing the AI Question in Law.” He encourages us to fix the service model. Then we may want the help of AI. Todd Corham interviewed Noah Waisberg in the ILTACON TV studios. Waisberg shares Alber’s belief in needing to update the service model. In the interview, Noah Waisberg told the development story of Kira Systems, what the company wants to build next and how artificial intelligence can guide attorneys to the more in-depth work requiring human review. For access to all ILTACON TV interviews, visit the ILTACON TV page.

SOMETHING EXTRA – Skill Up Training and the Ethics Behind Email Tracking

Many members recently discussed ways to develop skilling up training programs. A Peer Insight event to further the discussion and share ideas is scheduled for February 9. Join Bradelynn Boyce Dendy, Sandy Mikita and Ann Routos as they lead this discussion.

The ABA/BNA Lawyer’s Manual on Professional Conduct recently published an article about email tracking. After reading the article, “Email Tracking: Is It Ethical? Is It Even Legal?,” you may want to consider adding something on email tracking to your next security awareness communication. Next, marketing, security and information governance departments may want to collaborate and track the developments and rulings related to email tracking and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

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