But Wait... There's More - DMS Considerations, Leadership and Mentoring and the New ABA Ethics Opinion

By Joanne Kiley posted 05-19-2017 09:34


This past week members discussed document management system (DMS) tools, leadership and mentoring and more. Jump to the “Something Extra” section for some analysis of the new ABA Ethics Opinion and content from the Legal Innovation and Tech Fest held in Melbourne, Australia earlier this month. Explore curated sources on these topics including some from ILTA’s treasure chest.

Document Management Systems – Finding the Right Fit

Finding the right DMS has its challenges. Then there’s testing, implementing, training, maintenance, etc. Get started on this project by watching the ILTA Video recording, “Love It or List It: Can You Love Your DMS Again or Is It Time to Move On?” Then you will need to decide if you want to move to the cloud. Watch “To Move or Not to Move? Cloud DMS Considerations” for a discussions on the factors you should consider. To review options, ILTA volunteers recently posted blogs on two cloud-based DMS providers in “Moving to the Cloud – Migrations Tools and Considerations for NetDocuments” and “Moving to the Cloud – Migrations Tools and Considerations for the iManage Cloud.”

Leadership and Mentoring

ILTA’s network of peers makes for a terrific pool of mentors. How do you find the right one for you? Joy Heath Rush, a frequent ILTA speaker on mentoring, feedback and leadership, shares guidelines on “How to Find a Mentor.” Some mentoring relationships seem natural while others feel rehearsed. What do you talk about to get the relationship going in the right direction? One of many subjects to address is leadership. ILTA volunteers, Joy Heath Rush, Peter Krakaur, Doreen Watt and Dianna Hunt, hosted a webinar series discussing handling conflict, facilitation, emotional intelligence and decision making to make the perfect Leadership Toolkit for current and aspiring leaders. Each segment runs between 15 and 30 minutes long with helpful tips and questions to consider on every slide.

SOMETHING EXTRA –New ABA Ethics Opinion on Electronic Communications and the Legal Innovation and Tech Fest

Earlier in May, the Eventful Group collaborated with ILTA and hosted the Legal Innovation and Tech Fest held in Melbourne, Australia. ILTA has the slides from each session available. Sessions ranged from security to marketing to innovation and beyond. One session, Innovation is Not About Technology – It’s About Innovation, pairs nicely with a recent Thomson Reuters story, “The General Counsel as a Conduit to Innovation.” It offers an inside look at how three GCs in Canada have applied technology to innovative solutions that improve the business.   

On May 11, 2017, the ABA’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Liability issued Opinion 477 on using encrypted email for client communications. An article in the ABA BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct, “ABA: Use of Unencrypted Email ‘Not Always Reasonable’,” provides insight into interpreting “not always reasonable.” For an even more in-depth analysis of the ruling, read Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites blog piece, “ABA Issues Major Ruling on Ethics of Email and Electronic Communications.”

As ILTA’s content curator, I’m always monitoring the discussion forums to discover what topics are top-of-mind among the members. Each week, I focus on a few areas that spark your interest, and I provide some curated resources to assist your own information-gathering on the topics. If there are specific topics you would like assistance exploring, please contact me at



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