But Wait... There's More - Disaster Recovery Considerations

By Joanne Kiley posted 06-15-2017 10:41


Last week members discussed disaster recovery and more. Jump to the “Something Extra” section for a round-up of insights on the Lexis – Ravel deal. Explore curated sources on these topics including some from ILTA’s treasure chest.

Disaster Recovery

We always want to avoid disaster. Now let’s move on to reality – disasters big and small happen. Members recently shared their disaster recovery plans and solutions. Disaster recovery has many components from communications to getting fully operational again. An ILTA Video, “Crisis Notification – Alert Your Firm in Real-Time” shares the processes, products/solutions and challenges faced by a mid-size and large firm in rolling out crisis notification.  Daniel Lassell of Bluelock shared Bluelock’s 2016 IT Disaster Recovery Planning and Preparedness Survey with ILTA members earlier this spring. By providing contact information, a white paper on the survey is also available. Most recently, Lassell wrote about Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) in the ILTA blogs, “4 Ways Legal CIOs Can Lower Risk and Enable IT Transformation with DRaaS.” Choosing the right data center for your organization can help you prevent disasters, Chris Owens suggests “How to Narrow Down Your Data Center Choices” in a recent Peer to Peer best practices article. David Tremont and Heath Stanley provided input on physical security in the ILTA Radio post, “Physical Security: Is It and Afterthought?” Join ILTA’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity community to connect with peers facing the same challenges you face.

 SOMETHING EXTRA – Lexis Acquires Ravel

Last month, we heard about the RAVN acquisition by iManage. Late last week, Lexis acquired Ravel Law and just to keep things interesting, Fastcase hired Steve Errick, a former Lexis executive, as its new Chief Operating Officer. Ravel Law created a legal analytics research tool using machine learning and a large library of caselaw from Harvard. Here are a few blog posts and articles about the acquisition.

LexisNexis Acquires Ravel Law: A Tipping Point for Legal Analytics and the Second Wave of Legal KM – from Dewey B Strategic

Why Lexis Acquired Ravel Law: A Conversation with Ravel CEP Daniel Lewis – from Above the Law 

Lexis Acquires Ravel Law  - from Bloomberg Big Law Business and Lexis Acquires Case Analytics Firm, Ravel Law – from ABA Journal, Legal Technology

Harvard’s Statement on Ravel Law’s Acquisition by LexisNexis Confirms Continued Public Access to Cases – from Robert Ambrogi’s Law Sites

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