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Corporate Legal Day 2016 – Achieve Monumental Success

By Jack Thompson posted 06-29-2016 19:09


Hello fellow ILTACON 2016 attendees and ILTA members, both new and old!


On behalf of the Corporate Legal Member Liaison team, we are looking forward to ILTACON 2016 and serving up some great ideas for our membership as well as promoting new programming for 2016 and 2017.

As in previous years at ILTACON, our non-law firm members are putting together a fantastic line up of session topics for "Corporate Legal Day” on Monday August 29th with a vendor sponsored cocktail hour and networking event welcoming corporate, government, and law school members to attend.  The vendor sponsored cocktail hour and networking event will immediately follow the Corporate Legal Day sessions, so be sure to stick around.

A common question asked at Corporate Legal Day - “How do we face worldly challenges in the business of law?”  The goal of the day is to answer those challenges and take back to your organization ideas and thoughts changing your world.  Hence our theme is “Wonders of the World” – be prepared to take a tour!

Corporate Legal Day offers an exciting peer to peer opportunity to share knowledge, address challenges, and network with peers and vendors focused on collaborative solutions for non-law firm business models.  The benefit of Corporate Legal Day is to promote and expand knowledge of legal technology and operations for all business types, which include corporate organizations, government offices, and law school/education institutions involved.  Another opportunity and benefit is exposure to solutions and services provided by our vendors in strategic areas of focus (ex. litigation support, contract management, matter management, IP management, security) as well as building strategic relationships to meet ever changing business requirements (EU Safe Harbor Anyone!)

As a head start for drawing interest and focusing attention on the value of conference, this post lays out the topics being presented at Corporate Legal Day organized by the Corporate Legal Day Project Team focusing on organizational legal IT and operations areas. 

For new corporate members and 1st time ILTACON attendees, we encourage you to participate in Corporate Legal Day.  If you are an ILTA member with a corporate legal department, government office, or educational institution, you can register for the whole ILTACON conference or just for Monday. If you are already attending ILTACON you can register to attend Corporate Legal Day for No Cost. To register please visit the Corporate Legal Day Webpage

Below is an overview of the Wonders of the World sessions we are working on for the day. 




Gladiators Welcome! A Corporate Roundtable To Arm You for Battle

Expect an exciting roundtable focused on how best to work with outside counsel in five key areas: litigation management, budget/e-billing management, requests for proposal (RFPs), performance scorecards and technology exchanges. We'll discuss project management during discovery, reactions and observations to changes in billing guidelines, structuring an alternative fee arrangement after the RFP is complete, scorecards to enhance practice area law firm performance, how to request improvements in technology and much more.


Matter Management: The Keystone of the Pyramids


Matter management is a cornerstone business operation for corporate legal departments, and there are several solutions based on various requirements. What are your options? Which solution would work for you? Gain insight into the current market landscape and then hear real-life stories from a panel of corporate and law department leaders. They will discuss business requirements/use cases that led to their choices for matter management/e-billing solution; adopting a hybrid solution and the best practices for integrating them; any effects on their business from recent industry consolidations; and the mechanics and dynamics of considering a change in matter management/e-billing solution. We'll end with a discussion with audience members, so come with your experiences and questions!


Information Governance Best Practices: Building More Than a Great Wall


ILTA corporate law department members have identified the top aspects of having an integrated information governance (IG) program. The program should value business information as company assets; employ physical, technical and administrative safeguards to protect and manage information assets; educate and train personnel; and use metrics to measure and improve performance. Why do so many organizations not have an IG program? It all comes down to perceived cost, and we're here to squelch the rumors.


Stonehenge and Contract Management: Timeless Mysteries and Modern Complexities


Contract management, much like Stonehenge, is a timeless mystery for the world to ponder, often raising questions about modern complexities. How is the concept of "contract management" defined by a corporate legal department? What role does an organization’s legal department play in the management of contract obligations, the technology for process management and the analysis of risk mitigation to ensure revenue generation? How can the legal department successfully manage workflows with contract management software and encourage adoption throughout the organization? You'll feel enlightened after getting the answers to these and many more questions!



In addition to Corporate Legal Day, ILTA has partnered with the Association of Corporate Counsel and the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium to provide Legal Operations Day on Tuesday August 30th at ILTACON 2016.  This is a much anticipated program for Legal Operations professionals. Watch for more on Legal Operations Day in a future ILTA blog post.

I would like to offer this final thought.  ILTACON continues to be a key event for legal professionals and has considerable benefits when finding technology and operations solutions to common challenges faced within an organization’s legal department.  ILTACON also provides exceptional networking opportunities and I strongly encourage corporate and government members to take advantage of the benefits! 

Hope to see you all there!

 Jack Thompson