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How Much of What is Being Defined Now Becomes the New Normal as a Result of the Worldwide Pandemic Changes?

By Jack Thompson posted 07-13-2020 17:12


"How Much of What is Being Defined Now Becomes the New Normal as a Result of the Worldwide Pandemic Changes?

In the best interest of answering the question above, three leading experts from Corporate Law Departments focusing on technology, operations, and support were queried for their opinions to share:

“I think it is just going to accelerate the changes that were already underway. That seems to be the way of the world – things happen slowly and then all at once. There was already a slow shift to a blending of work and personal life and geography mattering less. The pandemic just forced us to confront it head on in a way that wasn’t necessary before and I think once people get this extended taste it may be tough to put that genie back in the bottle unless you want to risk a talent drain at your organization.”

"The term unprecedented is frequently used to describe 2020, indeed, there have always been extremely impactful rare and unpredictable outlier events that disrupted business as usual throughout history. An oft-used military acronym - VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) - can help us decide where to expend resources to attain results in times of uncertainty." "At the very core of Legal Operations is the desire to close gaps and deliver necessary services more efficiently - it's not so much about what needs to be done, rather how we do it."

“The idea of accepting a change in responsibilities and practices, literally overnight, is overwhelming but arguably the riskiest experience I have ever encountered. As a result, the ability to accept failure is an option because there is no way to measure instance success anymore. The result is to be able to try new things and open options for operations to expand through technology, process redesign, and removal of former roadblocks. What is being defined now is more opportunity to keep changing and forcing adaptivity within the environment.”

On reflection from colleagues as well as reviewing other sources of professional social media and press, the majority of organizations and legal department operations are adapting themselves to preserve their business practices, security, and relationships as best as possible within uncharted waters – the proverbial toe in the water first to see how cold it is simply is not available anymore, and forced to dive in. In addition, the new definitions of normal are including experts and business partners who clients work with in order to keep business going and suggest re-alignments of services to adapt to remote working (ex. increasing security risk detection, transfer/increase/decrease resource task time, or offer prototype technically ahead of market) to lightning pace speed.

Bottom line – the new normal is there is no more normal, and it is time to keep an open mind when dealing with short term and long-term operations which can change at any moment. Look to those who have embraced this change in the ecosystem.