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EDRM Industry Standards for Electronic Discovery

By Julie Brown posted 07-30-2014 13:12


The EDRM currently has a project underway to establish standards for processing ESI.  Years ago I remember my team taking the time to painstakingly develop our own standards internally.  Since that time our industry has matured considerably to the point that standards have evolved.  These will not be the end all be all standards but are meant to provide a standard baseline for processing ESI in today’s world.  The current structure includes the following major topics:

  1. Virus Protection Considerations
  2. DeNIST
  3. Filter Considerations
  4. Fields from Processing
  5. Deduplication
  6. File Hash Analysis Basics
  7. Time Zone Considerations
  8. Extraction of Embedded Images
  9. Numbering or Item Identification
  10. Reporting
  11. Passwords
  12. Problem Files

 What do you think?  Are there other major topics you think they need to address? 

What are some other key areas that you think need standards?  Preservation or presentation?  Please submit your comments at the bottom of this blog and I will be sure they make it to the EDRM Processing Standards committee.

Did you know the EDRM already has standards posted on the website for Identification, Collection and Production of electronically stored information.  Have you found these to be useful?  There is a comments section at the bottom of each standard.  I encourage you to provide feedback on the current standards as well!  These are reviewed and updated periodically and can only be kept current with everyone’s input.

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08-07-2014 20:28

Don't forget stand alone image-type files and attachments with no text -- need to tiff and OCR them, no? And by "Problem Files" do you mean exceptions? In other words, files that did not process? Need an exception report at least.