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2016 ILTACon – A La Lit Support

By Julie Brown posted 07-27-2016 16:57


This year’s conference once again has an outstanding line up of litigation support sessions.  Don’t have time to plan your week?  I’ve included a summary of my picks for the week.  I encourage you to take a moment and review other sessions on the ILTACon website or on the ILTA Conference App that you may find of interest.  There are sessions regarding leadership, professional development, security, generations, client relations and a wide array of other topics that you may find of interest.

So let’s start with things to do before you arrive.  Check the ILTACon website and download the ILTA App to your mobile device.  I highly recommend the ILTA App.  It is a great way to see what sessions are scheduled and where they are, build your schedule in advance or on the fly, participate in session polling and communicate with others at conference.  You can add sessions and activities of interest to your calendar so you always know where you’re going next.

If you are arriving earlier on Sunday, don’t miss the litigation support community of interest.  This is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones before the educational tracks get underway!  If you are new to conference, this is a great way to meet some peers and make some friends that you will see throughout the week.  Following the Community of Interest is the conference orientation.  This meeting provides information about many of the activities for the coming week.  (I always attend this even after years of attending conference and always discover some tidbit of information that helps me make the most of conference.)  Highly recommended!  Finally, the opening reception “Up and Away” is the place to meet up with members and service providers over hors d'oeuvres and liquid refreshments!  This year it will be in the Atrium at the Gaylord National.  My picks for Sunday:


Litigation Support Community of Interest




Opening Reception – Up and Away!

Get up Monday morning and make your way down for an awesome breakfast before heading to the Keynote session.  If you haven’t attended conference before you will quickly discover the ILTA feeds you very well J.  I also use all of the meals to meet new people.  ILTA’ns  are a very friendly bunch so just walk up to any table at any meal and ask if you can join them.  Strike up a conversation and you never know what common interests you have with others and how many new friends you will meet.  Whatever you do don’t miss  the Keynote on Monday.  ILTA has some of the best keynote speakers I’ve seen providing me inspiration for the week and the future.  A must see!  Be sure to take a look at the Tuesday and Wednesday Keynotes as well (this year you’ll have some tough decisions to make on Tuesday and Wednesday with litigation support sessions in the same time slots).

My picks for Monday educational track are below.  Judge Peck will opine on the impact of the FRCP amendments in our opening Litigation Technology session this year…don’t miss it!


Keynote: Mike Walsh “Re-imagining Legal Technology for the 21st Century”

See ILTACon website for description:


Federal Rules of Civil ProcedureAmendments and Their Effecton Litigation Support Strategies​

​Significant amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure became effective on December 1, 2015. How have courts interpreted and applied these new changes?Do the amendments provide the basis for corporations to change their approaches to the preservation, collection, review and production of electronicallystored information?If so, have they actually changed?What opportunities do the amended rules provide for litigation support departments to educate and consult with clients and drive their e-discovery strategies?Join a panel of experts to learn more about these recent developments.​


No Safe Harbor: The Latest in European Data Protection Laws

​With the demise of Safe Harbor, the negotiation of the Privacy Shield and the passing of the new General Data Protection Regulation, how are U.S. law firms with operations and matters within the EU able to safely move data between the EU and the U.S.? Get an update on the Sedona Working Group 6 discussions held in Berlin in June, the current regulations and how best to navigate these difficult waters.


​​Live Demonstration of a Mobile Device Investigation​

What common challenges are associated with mobile forensics?What datamight be helpful during litigation?Come observea mobile forensicsexpert​ performa live smartphone acquisition and see the actual dataavailable that might helpan investigationor litigation matter.​


​Top Tips​ for SecuringLitigationData

​In today’s world of rapidly evolving data security threats,law firm litigation support departments needmore than evera defensible plan for safely managing client data. The development of an effective data security program requires collaboration and cooperation between internal firm stakeholders and the client. Success depends on factors including well-defined data-handling processes, identification of new threats, balancing competing prioritiesand the need to invest in technology and human resources.Learn the top 10data security concerns for litigation support professionalsand how to successfully navigate them using best practices and tips from industry experts.​


There won’t be regional meetings this year so you have a nice break between the last session of the day and the exhibit hall opening.  Travel “Around the World” from 7:00-9:00 at the Exhibit Hall Opening Reception where Hors d'oeuvres and liquid refreshments will be served.  Many of the vendors will deck out their exhibits based on the theme. 

On Tuesday my picks for the educational track are as follows:


​​Understanding Client Systems for Better Collaboration During Litigation​

​​A panel of in-house e-discovery leaders and outside technology consultants will share challenges they havefaced when preserving and collecting data from corporate technology systems during litigation. Learnwhat in-house leaders wish their outside counselknew about the technology their companies use and gaina better understanding of common technology systems that need to be considered during litigationdatapreservationand collection.​


Preparing an ROI for eDiscovery Services:A Litigation Technology Operations Workshop

​​In this hands-on, interactive workshop, participants will create a simulated return on investment (ROI)analysis for e-discovery services. This collaborative exercise willhighlightseveral different approaches to a project and exposeclues to reaching your firm’s ROI goals.​


​​The Lean, MeanE-Discovery Machine: Project Management in Litigation Support​

​Everyone talks aboutproject management (PM), but do litigation and practice support technologists truly know why and how it is beneficial in e-discovery? Do specific deliverables and quality check points matter, or is project management an ad hoc exercise? Three high-level e-discovery strategists will examine aspects of the business side of e-discovery, such asestimating and budgeting, and offer insight into how to measure your PM maturity, the success of your e-discovery projects, and the specific processes and workflows that have yielded successful outcomes. Learn what works—and what doesn’t— when implementing a project management program while striving to manage change in e-discovery.


​​Expanding Litigation Support into MorePractice Areas​

​​A panel of litigation and practice support leaders will present ideas for using technology and processes commonly associated with litigation support to solve challenges in other legal practice areas. Hear personal stories of successful projects that solved non-litigation challenges by reusing the tools and knowledge already available.Leave with a wealth ofideasto help additional groups within yourfirm.


Don’t miss the Distinguished Peer Awards Dinner and Afterglow party from 6:30-11:00 Tuesday evening.  The awards dinner is a formal sit down dinner with a comedian emcee.  You can come as you are or take this opportunity to dress to the nines!  This is a great opportunity to cheer on your peers as award winners are announced in various categories include the Outstanding Litigation and Practice Support award.  Following the dinner is the 80’s focused Afterglow party.    Mall hair anyone?

My picks for Wednesday’s educational track are as follows:


​Refining Your​E-Discovery Reporting

​With roughly 10 billion different metrics available around the e-discovery process, how do we cut through the noise and producerelevantreporting?During this workshop, participants will learn how to have a conversation with the client about what’s important;what works well for different types of cases, clientsand attorneys; and how budgets/pricing affect decisions.At the end of this collaborative session, we will have developed alist of reports and methods you can use to improve yourorganization’s effectiveness.​


​FromProduction to Trial:The Tools WeUse and Still Need

​​Explore a new generation of case management and trial preparation software with three law firm users who havepartneredwith their vendors. These presentations will givethe audience a view intoreal-life workflows and case management tactics. Attendees will also learn about thedetailed features of some of the newest technologies used, all from the perspective of the user.


​​When Project Management and E-D​iscovery Management Collide​

​When project management collides with litigation support management, the balancing act of dividing roles and resources can be complex. When does it make sense to adopt legal project management (LPM)tools or engage with legal project managers? Do these efforts add value to the client? We'll explorethe pros and cons of LPM and givepractical suggestions all law firms should consider.​


​​The Future of Law Firms in the E-Discovery Space:A Client's Perspective​

​With the rise of legal service providers and more clients taking work in-house, the value chain in the e-discovery world has been somewhat disrupted. To combat this, we need todelve into clients’ long-term strategies for managing electronic discovery.Who is responsible for various tasks today?What is the plan for the future?How might these strategies effecthow we work and how we’re staffed?How are firms and vendors responding to the new models?​ Let's get the client's perspective!


On Wednesday evening there is no scheduled ILTA event so you are on your own.  There are many vendor parties and events to attend or you may just want to kick back and relax!

My Picks for Thursday’s educational track are below.  I know by Thursday many of us are dragging but there are some don’t miss sessions including Judge Peck in the opening session and the closing Litigation Support session from 2:45-4:30 which is the annual Litigation Support Roundtable.


Business and Legal Aspectsof Mobile, Socialand Emerging Technologies​

​​Mobile, social and emerging technologies have changed the legal landscape.Not only must legal technology professionals learn the technical and business aspects of thesetechnologies, they need to consider legal aspects as well. Joinattorneys and technologists as theydiscuss how mobile, social and emergingtechnologies are affecting legal professionals in the areas of data privacy, data protection, e-discovery and more.​


​How ​Future Technology Will EffectLitigation Support​

​A panel of e-discovery industry leaders and visionaries will discuss what future technologies will have an effect on litigation support and e-discovery. Find out what these leaders think will happen in the next few years and what you needto be ready for withthecomingchanges in technology.​


​​A Road Map ToGathering and Analyzing Client Discovery Data Across Matters

​​Business intelligence was introduced to the corporate sector 20 years ago, and it is now being incorporatedinto legal technology.Corporations have used this time togatherand analyzedata. They havebuilt data warehouses to link sales data to weather data to bolster on-call staff for the drive-thru window when rain isforecast. In the legal profession, we are starting tousebusiness intelligence to analyze contractor review speeds and related work product.That's just the beginning!A panel will explore how legal departments are using business intelligence across matters to reuse work product such as privilege calls, relevance and specific coding calls — all on the same documents and previously reviewed!


​Gather 'Round for a​Litigation Support Roundtable​

​What major challenges will we face next in litigation support? Gather aroundthis lively, moderated roundtable discussion that will focus onhot topics inindustry-widelitigation supportand issues to consider for the future. Topics will beselected by session attendees and couldinclude staffing, product selection, technological advances, recent case decisions and outsourcing.


The final event Thursday night is “Life’s a Beach”!  Be sure to attend for delicious food, fun games and competitions, the ever popular karaoke bar and more!


For those that would like some physical activity during the week the following events are planned.

Golf Tournament  Sunday, August 28th — 12:30 p.m. Shotgun Start

Yoga - Monday through Thursday — 6:30 – 7:30 a.m.  Get your morning started with a free 60-minute yoga session. Bring your mat, and enjoy one of the most effective, healthy ways to exercise your mind and body from the inside out. Towels will be provided. Sign-up starts soon!

 Zumba - Monday through Thursday — 6:30 – 7:30 a.m.  If you enjoy moving to a Latin beat, you'll love this free 60-minute dance workout. Zumba fitness classes fuse Latin dance rhythms with easy-to-follow moves for a fun, energizing and effective workout. Sign-up starts soon

I hope this summary is helpful in planning your week and I encourage others to comment with additional suggestions I may have missed.  I look forward to seeing you in 31 days or less (depending on when you read thisJ)!


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