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Litigation Support Tool Tips - Beyond Find and Replace - Replacing Variable Text With New Text

By Kathy Dallaire, CEDS posted 01-11-2021 13:58


Please enjoy the first in the series of blog posts where the authors will share tips in how to make the best use of common software tools we all use everyday. 

To say that Litigation Support professionals manipulate data on a daily basis is an understatement.  Whether a load file is not in the proper format, the values require changes, or you need to create one from scratch, a text editor is indispensable.

Find and Replace in any tool, including Microsoft’s Notepad can do the job of replacing a consistent set of characters with another set of characters:

But what if you need to replace variable text with new text? 

Text editors such as Notepad++





In the example below, several files from different locations have been consolidated into one location and the file path for these files needs to be updated accordingly:

With Find and Replace, the task in this example would require three separate steps since there are three different original locations.

Using the Column Mode, Notepad++ , the various locations can be updated in one step.

Hold the ALT key and use your mouse to select the text to be replaced:

and type the new value and all selected text is replaced at once:

Voilà – the job is done ! 



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