fssMacroSuite: the non-invasive and affordable solution for law offices that need a higher level of automation and standardization

By Katie Ellis posted 09-27-2012 13:19

Document production in a law office is a complex and coordinated effort between attorneys and their staff. fssMacroSuite is the perfect solution for law offices that need a higher level of automation and standardization throughout their firm. Our Macro & Template suite helps to streamline common document production, providing a greater return on your technology investment

Major Points about fssMacroSuite
1. Not every law firm has an IT department. Most firms that have an IT department or an
administrator have a macro suite product. As a firm gets bigger, it becomes imperative that they create some
consistent “branding” and they do this with Word templates. A word template is simply a reusable document
that has all metadata removed and then it is stored with a special suffix on the file name ie: dotx or dotm using
the File Save/As option. Set your branding now and utilize fssMacroSuite to give your firm the same tools
that the large firms have.
2. Word does not ship out of the box as a law office word processor. Word is a generic product.
fssMacroSuite transforms Word into a law office word processor by adding menus and click buttons that handle
routine law office tasks.
3. This is a mature product - fssMacroSuite has been on the market since 2007. The company
that originally owned MacroSuite is a training company. They had a conflict of interest because they were
training people on competing macro suite products. Therefore, they decided to divest themselves of the product
and transferred it to FSS. FSS was the creator of the product and then came into ownership of the product.
4. fssMacroSuite doesn’t require an expert to add templates, yet very extensible- fssMacroSuite
allows you to add Word templates to the new Ribbon menu. Templates are simple to create and the templates
for your firm can be changed anytime by going to the fssMacroSuite folders loction on your c: drive’s
C:\Program Files\fss\fssMacroSuite folder. This product was designed to be easy to maintain and enhance. It
was not designed to require customization by FSS and therefore create large fees to get it installed (unlike
many of our competitors).
5. fssMacroSuite is non-invasive. It will not disturb or modify your standard ribbon groups, it
justs adds some new groups to make Word become a law office oriented word processor. The Home tab is not
replaced but the fssMacroSuite Home tab has everything that the standard home tab has plus new groups of
(a) QuickDocs (group) – This group includes your standard letterhead, memo, and fax.
which allow connecting to Outlook- when working with a template in fssMacroSuite, you are given the
opportunity to connect with Outlook. This makes entering your correspondent’s contact info into your letters,
memos and faxes much easier.
(b) Template Selection (group) – This group can include as many default templates that
you may need. For example, you may set up practice areas and put templates for those practice areas here.
Samples are provided by the demo download. The samples, except for the Letterhead, Memo and Fax templates
are provided to show how you might use the template selection feature and are not intended for real use.
(c) Numbering (group) - We offer a pop up form that lets you pick from 25 style based
numbering schemes. All that you have to do is apply a heading style to your document’s paragraphs and our
numbering system will take over. This is a great tool for new staff members and another good way to help
brand your work product and cut down on staff training expense. This document used the number feature. Plus
more groups.
6. Custom Templates can be created. We can create custom templates for you like the
Letterhead, Fax and Memo templates that ship with fssMacroSuite. Let us know if you need help with
your own inventory of templates. Our standard hourly rates apply.
7. A working Demo can be downloaded. You can download a demo from
Be sure to call first (205-823-7439) and get a Client ID to unlock the demo version.

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