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AI Case Studies Recap

By Laurel Englehardt posted 07-31-2019 17:42


There is so much information these days on AI it’s hard to know where to begin.  If you are interested in hearing about some case studies on practical usage then look no further than an ILTA webinar series on the topic.  You may also want to review these as a precursor to this year’s ILTACON.

The first in the series is Beyond the Hype: Artificial Intelligence in Legal Research where William Caraher, CIO at van Briesen & Roper discusses how they use ROSS to improve their processes.  Some of the points made are:

  • Ability to search different sources at once
  • Natural language
  • Talking point with clients
  • An investment in the future


The second in the series, Beyond the Hype: Artificial Intelligence for Contract Analytics, focuses on a case study utilizing Kira. Some of the key points are:

  • Learns like a human reviewer, gaining an understanding of concepts from its trainer and not from keywords or rules
  • Expands the scope of review as opposed to less time


The third webinar in the series, Beyond the Hype: Artificial Intelligence for Investigations and Compliance, focuses on the benefits of the quality of reviewing vital information instead of volumes to determine if there is vital information.


The fourth and final in the series is Artificial Intelligence Beyond the Hype (part 4 of 4) and was a session at last year’s ILTACON.  The three solutions discussed were ROSS, eBrevia, and Casetext, with demos of all three.


A couple of key takeaways from all four of these sessions is that there are many AI solutions and you need to identify your true areas of need.  Be prepared to train the system as you transition to a system of training AI vs reviewing volumes of documents.


Of course there will also be several sessions at ILTACON this year and if you are unable to attend be sure to look for them on iltanet.org shortly after the event.
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08-01-2019 14:31

Thanks for posting all of these links in one place.  This is a great resource for getting started with real world case studies.