Serve & Secure - ILTA Conference 2013 - SOS Peer Group Sessions

By Mark Brophy posted 07-17-2013 12:54


Greetings and salutations from the Server Operations & Security Peer Group! When we’re not working with Special Agent Nick Fury and protecting the earth from alien invaders, the SOPSPG is putting together superb educational sessions for this year’s conference in Las Vegas. Lo and behold this year’s lineup!

SOSPG1 “Responding to a Security Breach”

We have two experts with vastly different backgrounds sharing their knowledge of network investigations. Consider it like “CSI”, only without “The Who” whaling soundtrack or David Caruso’s bad acting (yes, I know that is CSI: Miami). But seriously, the speakers we have and the knowledge they will bring to share with ILTA is off the charts. This session is a “must see”.

SOSPG2 “NAC Network Access Controls”

For those who don’t know what NAC is, it is not the group who sang “My Sharona”.  That’s “The Knack” and they are the speakers for the ORG2 session.  Kidding! Network Access Controls (NAC) is another layer of security for networks that not a lot of us are using, but should really be considering. If you are thinking of BYOD, then you this session may be good for you. Our session will educate you on what you need to know about rolling out a NAC solution from a “lessons learned” prospective.

SOSPG3 “Managing the Desktop and Server Infrastructure with Microsoft SCCM 2012”

Come on, you know it’s another year which means, just like the flu, there is a new flavor of product offerings from Microsoft and the SOSPG is here to give you your dose. SCCM2012 is really a full suite of products that a lot of Microsoft-centric environments, aka law firms, are either using or considering for use. Just like Willie Wonka, our expert will take you on a tour through the different features of SCCM2012, minus the acid trip boat ride. By the way, this session is Beau Mersereau approved.

SOSPG4 “You’re Virtualized: Now what?”

This is yet another fantastic session featuring a panel discussion on virtualization in the data center. The vast majority of ILTA networks are using data center virtualization whether it is VMware or someone else. This agnostic session will talk about what you should be thinking about with regards to taking the next steps in data center virtualization and what new supporting technologies are out there. <Insert rabble rousing comments here>. 

SOSPG5 “Tips for Data Center Preservation”

The members of the SOSPG have taken the bold stance to openly say that it’s a good thing to preserve and protect your data center. This panel discussion will talk, (versus pantomime which for some reason did not work out very well last time) about several different strategies and technologies to consider for protecting your data center. By mandate, the term “cloud” will probably be used in some capacity. Sorry, it's the current law or so it appears.

SOSPG6 “IPv6: From Assessment to Pilot”

This session is being affectionately called “The Finish Line” as it is the very last session scheduled to run at Conference this year. Those of you, who have been to Conference in the past, let alone Conference in Las Vegas, know exactly what I mean. Our great speaker returns to talk about how can we stop talking about IPv6 and start moving forward. Many of the security and interoperability topics will be discussed.

Well that’s it. As you can see once again, the SOSPG has put together a stellar lineup for educational sessions this year. We look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas and (whipping off sunglasses and staring dramatically into the camera) look to see YOU, at the SOSPG sessions. YEAAAHH! <guitar riff>

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