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Featured Content for Europe

By Mercedes Oppon-Kusi posted 03-02-2021 12:42


Hello all, please find below a list of content/educational events ILTA Staff and volunteers would like to highlight for members in Europe. This list will be updated every two weeks. 

If I have missed an event or resource you would like to include please let me know. 

Quarterly Content Digests from ILTA
Q4 2021 Content List 
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Upcoming Events
ILTA Europe - IT Education SIG & GDLN Joint-Meeting 29 March (online)
Women Who Lead Roadshow - Stop 1, 30th March (online)
Mastering Microsoft Teams Event, 4-5 May (online)

Recordings (Recently added)
What Does the Future Hold? Do Distributed Law Firms Offer the Law Firm Model of the Future? March 2022 New
Creating a PowerBI Dashboard for Legal Leadership (Basic Edition) February 2022 New
Ways to Incorporate New Team Members Beyond System/Process Training in a Hybrid Workforce February 2022 New
Practical Tips/Strategies for Selling Innovation Upwards - The Constant Struggle of Litigation Support February 2022 New
Multi-Part Series on Zero Trust/Need to Know Security: Logical Components February 2022 New
What's Measured Improves: How Do You Measure Legal Tech Profitability? February 2022 New
Data Breach Review Considerations, Tools, and Techniques February 2022 
How Did the Rise of Legal Operations Affect Law Firm KM? January 2022 
Flexible Technology's Transformational Effect on Business Development November 2021
Managing a Merger: Combining Service Desks & Cultures November 2021 
Bridging the Divide: What to Do When Joining a Legal Department as a Young Professional: Part 2 October 2021
KM as Educators for Business 9th September
The Work Must Flow: Making the Case for Automated Workflows 13th August
Taking Collaboration to the Next Step With Hackathons 16th July
The Simple Plan for Career Development Supporting Women That Inspire Change in the Legal Industry 12th  July
It Takes a Village to Deliver Great Legal Service 11th  June
Knowledge Management and IT: Push and Pull  2nd June

Blogs & Podcasts
Security, Privacy and Compliance Tools in M365 March 2022 New
Tips and Tricks Using MS Teams for Project Collaboration February 2022 New
Boost Project Engagement & Productivity By Leveraging MS Team February 2022 New
KM’S Role In The Lawyer Lifecycle February 2022 New
Can You Replace Traditional Privilege Review? February 2022
Your Signature Please, No Pens Required! Implementing and Leveraging Electronic Signature Software (DocuSign, PandaDocs, Adobe Acrobat Pro) February 2022 
Practice Management: What are the Practical Benefits? January 2022
Best Way to Onboard Lateral and New Associates with KM Resources January 2022 
A Crash Course in TAR: What Do You Really Need to Know? January 2022 
TAR Protocols: A Practical Guide - Second Blog January 2022
2021 Knowledge Management Session Roundup January 2022
Making Data Governance Digestible January 2022 
When not to go to Self-Service? January 2022
The Art and Craft of Building an Effective Business Case - Getting Started December 2021
Practice Management: What Is It and Why Do You Need It? December 2021
Impact of Staffing on Adoption of Innovation: Survey Results December 2021 
How to Move from White-Glove Service to Self-Service December 2021
Cybersecurity Maturity Models – A 40,000 Foot Overview December 2021
What are Firms Doing for Retraining/ Upskilling to Accelerate Digital Transformation November 2021
Product Jobs are Next  November 2021
Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is the Next Wave in Securing the Cloud November 2021
Technology - Lifting the Barriers of Remote Work, Or Not?  November 2021 
Beyond Zoom and Microsoft Team: Have Virtual Hearings Altered the Fabric of Dispute Resolution November 2021
Analysis of Vulnerability Scan Output October 2021
How to Best Protect Yourself Against Rising Phishing and Smishing Tactics October 2021
How to Deal with ROI Conversations when Vetting Legal Technology October 2021
Future of Work Practices: How to Maximize Online Collaboration and Virtual Working October 2021
Collaborating with Co-Counsel: How Can You Optimize Collaboration Between Co-Counsel in a Litigation Context October 2021
Common Security Worst Practices October 2021
Which Certifications are Truly Critical for Success in Cybersecurity October 2021