Featured Content for Europe

By Mercedes Brown posted 03-02-2021 12:42


Hello all, please find below a list of content/educational events ILTA Staff and volunteers would like to highlight for members in Europe. This list will be updated every two weeks. 

If I have missed an event or resource you would like to include please let me know. 

Upcoming Events  
Local meeting: Use of Emerging Data Types in Litigation and Investigation 26th April 2021New

Recordings (Recently added)
How to Choose an AI Contract Analysis Solution 6th April 2021 New

Blogs & Podcasts 
Knowledge Management As Educators 16th April 2021 New
Offering Secure Access to Firm's DMS content within Microsoft Teams Conversation  2nd April 2021
Knowledge Management Round-Up for 2020: A Bright Spot in a Cruddy Year 1st April 2021
Anxiety Alchemy 31st March 2021