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By Missy McDonough posted 09-10-2019 10:03


At a recent ILTACON iManage Company Update, Work 10 user adoption methods were reviewed. Considering the large number of ILTA members utilizing or moving to iManage Work 10, the ILTA Technology Solutions Content Coordinating Team asked Missy McDonough, Strategic Business Partner Liaison for IManage, to summarize the discussion to benefit not only those in attendance but those that were no able to participate. Thank you Missy for providing the following summary:

At the ILTACON 2019 iManage Company Update, iManage introduced the concept of dividing DMS users in to three personas: power users, modern professionals and those who refuse to the use the DMS. Using these personas, iManage took us on the journey through how they reinvented Work 10 to address how each persona can interact with the product in a way that is familiar, comfortable, and least impacts their productivity.

Marketing Towards Better User Adoption

Being able to divide users in to personas of how they expect to interact with Work 10, allows IT professionals to market the roll out on a more personal basis. Painting a clear picture of how the roll out will (or will not) affect each user’s productivity prior to the go live date, can help to eliminate anxiety and hopefully allow the user to better adopt the new product.

The Three Personas

  • The power user is comfortable with using DeskSite/FileSite and because they are so busy working for multiple people, they would expect to be able to work as they always have with maybe a few extras. This personas experience can be just that – they do not see anything different since DeskSite/FileSite work the same but they will notice that EMM is faster.
  • The modern professional lives a mobile life and wants the capability to be productive from anywhere at any time of the day or night. The Work 10 Web Client provides a modern interface with a familiar search interface. While it is a new client that offers a few new features, training should be minimal since the look and feel is familiar to many other consumer apps they use on a regular basis.
  • The user that simply never adapted to using the DMS and store everything on drives. Work 10 offers My Drive. This tool protects the work product by getting the documents in the DMS without changing the way the user works - user adoption without changing workflow.

What about Training?

Once you understand the needs of the different personas, it is clear that a single training curriculum will not meet the needs of all. This is also important because targeting the training directly at the user’s individual needs will make the training more appealing to the end user – another win for user adoption!

  • The power user will require no training – nothing changes for them if they want to continue using DeskSite/FileSite. For these very busy users, the roll out does not negatively impact their productivity. Some of these users may want to learn more about the Work 10 Web Client – when they are not so busy – so think about ways to allow them to train in their own time frame by developing short videos or just in time learning.
  • The modern professional will require some training on the Work 10 Mobile Client, but the user interface is similar to other consumer applications they are already using – so hopefully it will be a more organic transition for them. Since the modern professional is always on the go and does not stick to a traditional 9 to 5 schedule, they also need to have the flexibility to train in their own time frame.
  • Those who do not use the DMS now, probably have little to no interest in going through training for something that obviously does not appeal to them or the way they work. For this persona training time is best spent on making the DMS invisible. They can continue to work as they always have but their work product is now safe within the DMS.

Work 10 definitely has a lot to offer in terms of increasing user adoption. Being able to offer different ways for users to interact with the DMS increases the chance of companywide adoption.

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