2016 LegalSEC® Summit & Pre-Summit Workshop - Audio Recordings and Session Materials are now available

By Online Services posted 06-16-2016 10:18


If you were unable to attend the 2016 LegalSEC Summit in Baltimore this past week, or attended and had to choose between the great sessions being offered, we've now uploaded the recordings and presentation materials to the LegalSEC Resource Library under the 2016 LegalSEC Summit folder.  New this year (and also included) are the recordings and materials from the pre-summit workshops.  Please note that due to the nature of the content - the access to the materials and recordings will be restricted to members only so members must be logged in when clicking on the links below.

The list of sessions (and materials as they become available) for this year are below:

Pre-Summit Workshop

Security 101 - Just the Facts
All About Audits
Starting Down the Road to Compliance Karma
Who is WiFi Barbie?
Intro to Incident Response Planning
Wading through Acronym Soup:  Frameworks and Security Organizations
Security Situations DIY - This Old Computer

LegalSEC Summit

LSS01 Quantifying Risk of Loss from Cyber Attacks
LSS02 Security Awareness: A Blueprint from Start to Finish-ish
LSS03 Getting and Staying Secure Without a Security Expert on Staff: The Before and After
LSS04 Developing a Threat Intelligence Program
LSS05 Security Metrics That Matter
LSS06 Incident Response Tabletop Exercise: Live! (Session 1 of 2)
LSS07 Building an Insider Threat Program (Session 1 of 2)
LSS08 The Dark Net
LSS09 Incident Response Tabletop Exercise: Debrief Discussion (Session 2 of 2)
LSS10 Building an Insider Threat Program (Session 2 of 2)
LSS11 Eating the Elephant After Client Results Are In
LSS12 Vulnerability Management: Do It Right or Don't Do It at All
LSS13 The Internet of Things Are Lurking
LSS14 Log Management and Beyond
LSS15 Incident Response in a Law Firm (Session 1 of 2)
LSS16 Cyber Risk Assessment Tools
LSS17 Bro: The Network Defense Framework
LSS18 Email Security: The New Breed of Email Attacks
LSS19 Incident Response in a Law Firm (Session 2 of 2)
LSS20 Changing Your Firm's Security Culture
LSS21 Legal Services ISAO: A Community Defense
LSS22 Security Tools for Non-Geeky IT Staff
LSS23 A Trip to Malware Land
LSS24 Process Documentation
LSS25 Is Your Cybersecurity Program Secure?
LSS27 Active Logging: Splunk Tips and Tricks

Spotlight Session

iManage Work Product Management - Using Analytics and Machine Learning for Detecting Threats