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2017 LegalSEC® Summit & Pre-Summit Workshop - Audio Recordings and Session Materials are now available

By Online Services posted 06-16-2017 13:20


If you were unable to attend the 2017 LegalSEC Summit in DC this past week, or attended and had to choose between the great sessions being offered, we've now uploaded the recordings and presentation materials to the LegalSEC Resource Library under the 2017 LegalSEC Summit folder.  Also included are the materials from the pre-summit workshops.  Please note that due to the nature of the content - the access to the materials and recordings will be restricted to members only so members must be logged in when clicking on the links below.

The list of sessions (and materials as they become available) for this year are below:

Pre-Summit Workshop

Money Well-Spent: Where To Stack Your Security Dollars when Building Your Security Stack
Budgeting and Prioritizing: A Decision Matrix To Meet Security Needs
Information Governance: Identifying Risks and Compliance Related to Security
Security Operations: Tales from the Trenches
Security Relationships Between Clients and Vendors
Security Mishaps: When Things Go Wrong

LegalSEC Summit

"Legally Pwned": The Modern Law Firm As a Hacker’s Gold Mine
Deception-Based Threat Detection, With a Law Firm’s Perspective
Drafting an Effective Breach Notification Policy
Red Team: Meet the Team
Security Fatigue: The Consequences of Remaining on High Alert
Closing the Barn Door: Is It Too Late To Mitigate the Risk of Mobile Lawyers?
Endpoint Threat Visibility and Detection for Law Firms
Office 365 Security and Compliance
What's New in Penetration Testing?
Data Encryption Shootout
Real-World Data Loss Prevention for Your Organization
The Call Is Coming from Inside the House: Methods To Mitigate and Contain Security Breaches
A Fireside Chat: The Future of Cybersecurity Law 
Modern Multifactor Authentication
Threat Automation
Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance: Does It Affect Me?
Show and Tell: Methods and Metrics To Improve Your Information Security
Economic Espionage
Social Networking's Effect on Business Security Controls
Windows 10 Enterprise: New Security Features Demystified
Forensics for Cybersecurity
Mobile Device Endpoint Protection
New Mandates and Drivers Forcing Changes to Firm Security Practices
Risky Business: Talking to the Internet of Things 
Internet Withdrawal: The Law Firm Without an Internet
Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
Windows Server 2016: What's New with Security?

Spotlight Session

Digital Defense Solution Spotlight: Frontline™ Vulnerability Manager: A Better Way to Manage Vulnerabilities
Authentic8 Solution Spotlight: Balancing Firm InfoSec Requirements with the Needs of the User Community
iManage Solution Spotlight: A perimeter breach is inevitable, what is your next line of defense?
Attivo's Solution Spotlight: Deception for Empowering Incident Response & Attivo Networks Platform Demo


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