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LegalSEC Summit Takeaways: Continue Your Educational Roadmap

By Online Services posted 07-12-2018 12:55


ILTA invites you to continue your LegalSEC education!

LegalSEC Summit 2018 was held in Arlington, VA from June 10-13, 2018 and was designed for legal technology professionals. Now, ILTA wishes to continue the overarching Summit goal: to engage attendees and provide structured content.

New this year, ILTA introduced targeted track programming, which aimed to help guide attendees through specific security role-based learning pathways. These pathways were designed to assist attendees by promoting tracks and sessions that would be most applicable to their professional and firm needs.

Below you will find information related to each target audience, with content associated each. There are also links to the ILTA Content Library, housing LegalSEC Summit content and other, associated security-based content, and to recordings and session notes, in case you were not able to attend all sessions while onsite.

Please note that due to the nature of the content, the access to the materials and recordings will be restricted to members only, so members must be logged in when clicking on the links below.


Dedicated Security Professionals

Learning Pathway Focus:  Manage, Prioritize and Reduce Risks

Targeted Content:

  • Identify and prepare for current and impending breaches and incidents
  • Reduce, identify and provide controls for unstructured data and best practices to reduce data leakage
  • Manage and prioritize multi-faceted security systems in large and geographically dispersed organizations

Find content most applicable to your interests here.


IT Leaders with Modest Resources

Learning Pathway Focus: Regulations, Requirements, and Reputation

Targeted Content:

  • Ensure operational capabilities and firm reputation
  • Balance policies, procedures, security training, tools controls
  • Understand regulatory requirements
  • Meet client requirements for audits and questionnaires
  • Find free, low cost and other resources when issues arise

Find content most applicable to your interests here.


Large Firm Senior Management

Learning Pathway Focus: Balance Teams, Resources, Data Flows and Govern Data

Targeted Content:

  • Balance teams and resources in multiple countries, jurisdictions, with multiple regulatory requirements
  • Provide information governance, risk mitigation with in/out data flows, and ethical and legal obligations for data transfers and storage
  • Manage Cloud risks
  • Respond to new GDPR requirements

Find content most applicable to your interests here.


Recordings and Session Notes

For many of the tracked sessions, we have compiled the speaker’s slide decks and, in the interest of posterity and continued learning, we have recorded many of the sessions. We recognize that some of you were unable to attend the 2018 LegalSEC Summit, or attended and had to choose between the great sessions being offered, we've now uploaded the recordings and presentation materials to the LegalSEC Resource Library under the 2018 LegalSEC Summit folder.  

To that end, please find the 2018 LegalSEC Summit session notes and recordings here and here.

Thank you for continuing on the LSS Learning Pathways educational tracks. For even more content, please visit the ILTA Content Library, housing additional LegalSEC Summit content and other, associated security-based content. And please review the LegalSEC Resource page for all things LegalSEC.

Or, simply click the below hashtag to immediately be directed to learning pathway-specific content:







Once again, please note that the content from and associated with the Summit is restricted to members only, so members must be logged in when clicking on the links below.