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Experience More than Pitches and Awards – Part Two

By Rachel Shields Williams posted 07-09-2020 09:39


Experience More than Pitches and Awards – Part Two

We all know we can use our experience for traditional marketing and business development activities like pitches, submissions, awards, and bios. But how can we take this data further to drive data-based decisions that support the whole client’s life cycle? What other insights can our experience data tell us?

Your experience data can help to answer critical questions in a variety of areas that extend well beyond pitches and proposals. The only real limit is our imaginations. To get you started, here are a few ideas related to Client Service and Professional Development.

Client Service

Client Targeting - What industry are our clients in and what industries are they working in? What kind of work are we doing for these top clients? Is this work cyclical? Are there other clients with a similar profile who could benefit from those services as well?

Client Growth - Are there themes in the data across types of clients by different characteristics? Is the relationship growing or remaining consistent post feedback conversations? Are you key clients growing, is it holding steady, or is it declining?

Client Expectations - Are you sharing how the client and related matters should be discussed outside the firm? Are you sharing if the client has billing preferences? Do they have diversity requirements or have signed on to the Mansfield Rule?

Professional Development

Diversity - Is the diversity you promised in the pitch reflected in the team actually doing the work? Is the diversity of the team consistent with the client's expectations reflected in feedback interviews or outside counsel guidelines?

Recruiting - Do the lawyers involved in recruiting efforts have the right experience relative to who you’re recruiting? Connecting people with the right experience or similar previous work experience can allow your firm to make sure Lateral lawyers meet with key people during their interview process.

Associate Development - What would it do if your rising associates are able to identify the lawyers that are working on matters or with clients that are in line with their career goals.

Practice Management - What matters or clients are keeping people busy this week? Is the work on track within the pricing arrangements?

Knowledge Management - Can you easily identify your internal experts on topics? As well as identifying documents and precedents?

These are just a few ideas on how you can use experience beyond typical marketing efforts. The more groups you engage in the development of your experience management system, the more use cases you can develop.

For ideas on what you can do with your CRM data, check out part one of this post.

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