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Changing World, Changing Role - The Rise of the Tech-Savvy Marketer - Part Three

By Rachel Shields Williams posted 04-30-2021 12:28

Marketing technologists have always been persuading law firms to change, like moving from a Rolodex to a CRM, a printed brochure to a website, and the list goes on. In the last year, the message has not changed, but the audience has become more receptive to the message. So now that lawyers are listening and more motivated than ever before to participate in client-focused technology, what skills need to be honed to leverage this extraordinary level of attention and engagement from stakeholders?

Change Management
Today's world is changing so fast, and we need to not only change with it but bring other people along. Marketing technologists need to address and understand what needs to change while 1) not overwhelming people's capacity to change, and 2) keeping people motivated while the change is taking place. Change is hard, and it takes a lot of energy; our role in the process is to help remind people of the "why" and keep them engaged.

There is no easy button for the client service questions we are trying to solve in today's business world. Marketing technologists need to look beyond what something "does" and think creatively about alternative use cases and share with their business partners "wouldn't it be great if" ideas. They also need to reimagine processes and roles. Sometimes we don't need to purchase a new tool; sometimes we need to change the process and who does what in that process. Even something as simple as cleaning data, so the technology works more efficiently and accurately, can make a difference.

Intellectual Curiosity
Yesterday's solution is not necessarily the best tool for the problem today, and as a marketing technologist, you must be willing to challenge your past decisions. Be curious about the “why” behind the problem and about the world around you. New tools, solutions, and ideas abound in the legal technology space, so attend conferences (virtual or in-person) and meet with the business partners – hearing what they are doing and how they are helping other companies may inspire the next solution.

People Management
It’s not necessary to have an official management role to manage people, and the majority of projects will require us to work with stakeholders outside of our department. The modern marketing technologist will need to work within matrixed teams and lead people who don't report to them, or even work on their direct team or department. Marketing technologists will also need to manage up to help leaders advocate for resources and communicate the technology's “why” and “how”. If you are managing a team, remember their success is your success. Great teams don't just happen; it takes intentional time, energy, and adjustments to create high-performing teams.

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