Reap From Your Depositions What You Put Into Taking Them with DepositionPro

By Rob Vinciguerra posted 03-07-2013 01:09

There’s no better way to impeach a witness than to show a clip from a video deposition of the witness saying something completely at odds with their testimony at trial. For this reason, video depositions have grown in popularity. Showing a transcript lacks the dramatic impact of video. However, working with video has traditionally required the services of a professional editor. A new product aims to make it easy and inexpensive for lawyers and paralegals to edit video depositions.

DepositionPro™ 1.0 ... in One Sentence 

Launched this week, ExhibitView Solutions’ DepositionPro 1.0 enables you to manage, review, tag, and export key testimony from transcripts, including accompanying video clips if applicable.

The Killer Feature

DepositionPro works with traditional text-only transcripts as well as video depositions. It supports all popular transcript formats. The company can suggest court reporters in your area, and can synchronize your depositions at “half the average cost.”

Regarding video depositions, after importing the video and synchronized transcript into DepositionPro™, you select relevant testimony in the transcript with your mouse and then press a shortcut key of your choice to save the clip, including the corresponding video. You can rearrange clips in any order, and export them individually or combine them into a single video. You can also print a report containing the portions of the transcript you selected.

You can export video in AVI, MOV, or MP4 formats, all of which play on PCs, Macs, iPads, and Android devices. This means you can use the video in any trial presentation application such as the company’s own ExhibitView PC and ExhibitVie iPad, as well as in traditional presentation software such as Power- Point and Keynote.

“After launching our iPad app for trial presentations, lawyers asked us to build a tool to help them edit synchronized video depositions and create clips for use on PCs and tablets for client memoranda, briefs, deposition outlines, witness preparation, settlement presentations, and of course trial presentations,” ExhibitView Solutions Partner Bob Finnell told us. “This was the genesis of DepositionPro.”

Other Notable Features

DepositionPro works over your network and with cloud storage providers. You can designate a folder on your file server or on a cloud-based service as the default repository.

The Case Manager screen enables you to organize transcripts by case name, matter number, etc. You can search the full text of one or multiple depositions and save your searches. DepositionPro supports partial word searches and other advanced operators.

DepositionPro enables you to bookmark pages within a deposition, and highlight testimony in your choice of colors. The software lists all your bookmarks so you can jump to any of them with one click. When you copy and paste from transcripts into a document, DepositionPro automatically formats it for you.

What Else Should You Know?

DepositionPro runs on Windows XP and later. It costs $229 per seat plus $49 per seat per year thereafter, which provides updates and technical support.

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