Then and now...

By Steve White posted 01-25-2013 14:56


Have we spoiled our attorneys with technology? Seeing the Internet Explorer Child of the 90's commercial reminded me of when I received my first Packard "Hell", I mean, Bell computer in 1995. It was the i486DX machine. The "you got mail" AOL was preloaded to sucker me into buying the $19.99 a month unlimited dial up plan. As I hit that A icon on the desktop, I would hear my computer take off in the shwoosh bandwidth speed demon and excitement would just come over me as I hit the AOL home page.

I used to really think long and hard before I decided to actually click an icon for what may face me on the other side of this huge thing we called the Internet. It was a task that could take you to multiple stages that when researching back then on the Internet would occupy the entire evening in some cases to get what you want.

Installing the first game on the computer was a chore. It was prerequesites that you had to pay attention to. It was a video card, it was the amount of hard drive space, how much memory you had in order if your computer would qualify. The new video games were what determined whether you had to upgrade that big monsterous 2K you just bought a year ago to a new bigger and better computer. I found myself in a cycle of computers to stay ahead of the games, it was a new computer a year. Those games were expensive. Really, 59.99 PLUS a new computer just to play SimCity 2000.

Those were the days weren't they? Now, look what we have. We have a Minecraft game that looks so 1997 that back then, that is what our games look like. I believe the popularity of that game is folks like me that spent well over 2200.00 to have the game even run back in the day (that is the new computer you have to upgrade and the game itself). I installed that on my home computer and voila, not even a second it was there. Oh if they only knew.

Has our technology of today just spoiled the generation of folks come up or am I just way out of line. Here are my top support needs that I have in my office and I am sure it isn't much different at your office.

  • The computer took too long to open Outlook (timed to be 30 seconds)
  • Computer took forever to boot up.
  • My paperclip, I'd like that to be on the left and not on the right.
  • Updates don't appear like they should on my iPad.
  • I can't seem to get this attachment (that is 10MB in size) to go, I get this undeliverable.

I mean, we are sending out files from our computers daily that were bigger than my hard drive on my first computer. Can we put things in perspective or do we just tredge on.


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