Request a New Online Community

ILTA Online Communities offer one of the best peer networking opportunities you can find within the legal community.

Want to find people with a common interest or content on a particular topic? ILTA's online communities offer members topic-specific discussion areas, a library of files uploaded by members, blogs attributed to being pertinent to the community, events related to the community and like-minded members who have joined. 

If you've visited the online communities page and don't see a "home" for the discussions you'd like to have or the documents you'd like to share, you can make a new request for a new online community to be created.  

Here are the guidelines for requesting a new online community:

  • Only current ILTA members may submit a new online community request
  • To ensure the success of the community, identify one member to be the online community champion for one year
  • You must have a minimum number of 10 member entities expressing a need for this new online community
  • Complete the Online Community Request Form at the link below
  • Your application will be reviewed and you can expect to have an initial response within 2 weeks.