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In 2010, ILTA launched its multi-year, multi-platform initiative that explores the sea change taking place in law firms –– Law2020TM. With current economic pressures, client demands and the ever-changing technology landscape, law firms face the prospect of the most dynamic and threatening decade of the last fifty years.
Some firms will emerge from this decade thriving. Some will treat the changing environment as a field of opportunities and from that field will harvest real growth. The question presented by Law2020™ is what factors will allow those leaders to triumph? What skills will be needed, and what kind of leadership? What technologies will be key for those firms that not only survive, but thrive over the coming decade? And what can you do to acquire the skills you need to be part of a thriving firm?
This e-group was created to facilitate dialog about the challenges and the “solutions” that arise as firms, law departments and the vendors/consultants who support them address the pressures of this decade. We’re hopeful to share ideas among members, vendors, consultants, non-members –– everyone who is faced with the challenges the Law2020 examines.

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