How to Maximize Your IT Budget Without Cutting Projects, Equipment or Services

When:  Apr 12, 2023 from 11:00 to 12:00 (ET)
The economic outlook for firms in 2023 is challenging. Law firm overhead expenses have risen to their highest levels in over 15 years, demand growth is slowing, and for the first time, the annual average rate of inflation (5.0%) is exceeding the average worked rate increase across the market (4.8%). Combined, PPEP may decline in 2023 and, as a remedy, many firms are retreating from the headcount increases of 2022 with significant layoffs for staff and attorneys.

Uncertain and challenging markets are times when firms need to conserve cash and maximize their budgets, ideally without cutting needed projects, equipment or services—and that means leasing and financing.

Join this session to learn the financial benefits of leasing and financing in challenging times, including:

1. Conserving cash and converting large expenses to a predictable monthly expense
2. Creating custom, financial structures that align with the firm’s business cycles
3. Significantly increasing financial flexibility
4. Flexibility at the end of the lease to refresh, extend, or buy; laptops, desktops or tablets on a line item basis
5. Matching the useful life of IT assets to payments
6. Improving security and compliance with active auditing of assets, including mobile asset management built-in
7. Leveraging Section 179 Tax Deductions
8. Financing 100% of software – including services such as training, implementation and consulting fees
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