When:  Aug 4, 2020 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)


The last five years saw blockchain become one of the trendiest topics at the intersection of technology and the law. But as we look at the next ten years, will it really be a revolution? This presentation takes a look at where we’re already seeing blockchain implementation in the legal and financial industries and the forecast for future use cases, with an analysis on the opportunity and challenges for deployment. We’ll explore use cases from various countries and governments, corporations, and consortia, and discuss the underlying technological capabilities that can be determinative on blockchain’s viability as a solution to problems we face today, especially in a post-Coronavirus world where secure remote access to justice, identity, and commodities will be essential.

This COVID content is being provided free of charge to all interested parties


• Intro Blockchain (4-6 min)
• Exponential Growth Processing Power, Cloud, and AI tech that make blockchain possible
• How blockchain works
• Types of Distributed Ledger Technology
• The concept of public and private keys
• Who Actually Uses Blockchain Now and How?
• Corporations (5 min)
• Supply Chain Management
• Goods Verification
• Waste Reduction
• Governments (7 min)
• Estonia (health records)
• Singapore (voting)
• Australia (national blockchain)
• Dubai (blockchain enabled courts)
• US Federal and State Governments (8-10 min)
• CBP (imports/exports)
• Wyoming (Delaware of blockchain)
• The Blockchain Players (3-5 min)
• Ethereum
• Hyperledger & IBM
• DAOs
• Challenges to Adoption (5-7 min)
• Standardizing blockchain
• Scalability
• Security
• Blockchain as an economic disruption
• Coronavirus Applications
• Remote Justice (7-10)
• Courts
• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Example: Kleros
• Identity Verification
• Digital Identity (8-12 min)
• Replacing SSNs with Gov. digital ID
• Tokenization of Assets on a Blockchain
• Digital Wallets (Government issued)


Peter Colin, Technologist and Technical Client Manager, Thomson Reuters

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