Boston Roadshow: Mobile Apps - User Experience and Security

When:  Mar 31, 2016 from 12:00 to 13:30 (ET)

Mobile Apps - User Experience and Security

Lunch Sponsor: Mobile Helix

Can you get to your firm's internal resources such as SharePoint, DMS and applications from your mobile device? The real question is, what can you do with those resources on your mobile device? What is the user experience like? Are workflows seamless and efficient or are they cross-app and laborious? Is the solution secure without being onerous? We will review the most popular means of getting mobile access to internal resources and talk about our customers' experiences with what works and what doesn't. Topics will include:

  • Secure container, VDI, VPN, browser access to SaaS applications
  • Multi-factor authentication; single sign-on
  • Best practices and policies - one size may not fit all
  • Demo of secure container mobile app

Maureen Blando
, the VP Sales at Mobile Helix, leads all operations with the company's customers, prospects and partners. She works with customers to help them improve their agility with their clients and to ensure their success with Link.

Ilya Dreytser, the Director of Customer Engineering at Mobile Helix, handles pre- and post-sales support and services. Working with customers to understand their needs and use cases, he ensures that Mobile Helix has the right functionality to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations. 

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