Increase Your Firm's Value with Legal Editing Software

When:  Mar 27, 2023 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)

It’s difficult for legal professionals to balance clear, concise, effective writing with the need to meet deadlines and satisfy clients. In this 30-minute product briefing, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer Ivy B. Grey, herself an experienced attorney, demonstrates how WordRake digital editing software streamlines your firm’s editing process—saving you time and money.

Designed specifically for legal professionals, WordRake integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Word and Outlook to help you and your associates write clear, concise documents and emails. If you work with strict word limits or abide by the Plain Writing Act of 2010, this software is a game changer. By choosing between the Brevity and Simplicity editing modes, or selecting both, you decide how to focus your work, letting WordRake target the qualities and content that are most important to you.

WordRake works like the Review function in Word—it’s like having a colleague with an English degree ready to edit your writing 24/7. Since confidentiality is necessary for legal work, security is our priority. WordRake operates exclusively from your computer, not the cloud.

Register to learn about this exciting opportunity to save money by saving time for your organization. See how our innovative software can support the important work your firm does every day.

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Heather Anderson