Editing Isn’t Optional: Bring Your Team’s Legal Writing into Focus

When:  Apr 17, 2024 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)

Sharpen your legal writing with WordRake clear and concise editing software. WordRake is completely secure because it doesn’t collect, transmit, or store data. It has a 95% enterprise renewal rate and offers more value than its competitors. In this 18-minute product briefing, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer Ivy B. Grey will show how WordRake can quickly improve your organization’s writing at a low per-user cost.

WordRake software specializes in streamlining legal documents and emails, but it can make all kinds of writing clear and concise. At the click of a button, it identifies unnecessary words and complex language that can be removed or simplified. It helps writers meet page limits and make writing more direct to increase impact and reader engagement. WordRake is easy to incorporate into your writing process: it runs in Microsoft Word and Outlook, uses the familiar track-changes editing style, and works well with other add-ins.

Stakeholders need high-quality writing, but don’t want to pay for the hours it would take a human to find all improvement opportunities and decide what changes to make. WordRake improves quality of work and quality of life by jumpstarting the in-depth editing process that comes after basic spelling and grammar checking. Your organization can try WordRake Enterprise for free for two weeks without any obligation to purchase. For more details, visit wordrake.com/enterprise and register for our product briefing.

If you work with:

• tight deadlines

• word or page limits

• confidential information

• plain language requirements

• people outside the legal field

• government agencies

• writers who hesitate to ask for editing assistance

—then WordRake is for you.

Register for the product briefing now to learn more about WordRake Enterprise and discover its benefits for your organization!

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