Profiling Internal Physical, Data & Reputational Risks

When:  Mar 28, 2024 from 10:00 to 12:00 (CT)


Law firms face some very unique dynamics related to not only physical risks, but especially data (not to be confused with "cyber") and reputational risks, the latter being the cornerstone of your business.

Learning to "profile" potential threats within your law firm are essential to safeguarding all three areas of concern.  So who poses such potential threat and how do you more readily identify these to mitigate your risks?

What Will Be Covered?
Threats to you and your practice or firm can be manifest in physical, data and/or reputational concerns.  Not all will be motivated by the obvious.  Likewise, not all will come from external players.  How do you go about better mitigating the *internal* risks to your practice or firm via some internal profiling of your own?

Who Should Attend?
While not limited, we recommend the following:  HR directors/managers, risk managers, IT/Security directors, and PR managers/directors.  Basically anyone in upper management tasked with reducing liability as well as reputational issues.  Another way to think of it, if something happened, who would be called in or put in front of the media to defend you or your firm's position or actions?  Those are the individuals who should attend.


Jeff McKissack has over 35 years of experience addressing audiences across the nation on avoiding risks associated with the physical, data, and reputational.

His experience and expertise has lent itself to both the courtroom and the newsroom over those same decades.  It is this experience, expertise, and *strategies* that he offers to us at these sessions.

For those not familiar with Jeff, you may have caught him on one of our local news affiliates over the years as he has provided story commentary for many such organizations across the country.  In fact, he began his career 35 years ago working with an investigative reporter for 20/20, Sixty Minutes, and NBC News, learning the "tools of the trade" from the real experts -- the criminals. 

That experience and expertise has served him well addressing countless industries and professions, whether speaking at conferences and conventions, providing onsite employee training or client value-add events, or delivering continuing education programs to a wide array of professions including those in the medical, legal, financial, educational, real estate, human resource, risk management, insurance and event planning areas to name a few.




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