CourtAlert Presents: Review and Audit Processes in Docketing - Tips & Tricks to Minimize Errors

When:  Jul 29, 2021 from 13:00 to 14:00 (ET)

This webinar will be geared towards helping docketing and calendaring teams review their work more efficiently. The topics covered will include reviewing adjournments, active and passive quality assurance, and audit logs. Adding a second pair of eyes could help automate work and reduce small mistakes especially because documents and citations are the two legs that a deadline stands on and is therefore of the upmost importance and should be reviewed carefully. As part of CourtAlert’s focus on helping shed some light on risk management, this presentation is geared towards minimizing errors and improving the docketing and calendaring team’s experiences in the workplace.

We are trying to improve best practices for docketing teams across the nation that seek to perfect their docketing / calendaring process.

Join us as we walk you through CourtAlert’s Docketing Review and Audit Process.

Yaniv Schiller - President of CourtAlert

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